The Kapil Sharma show April 13, 2019 written update: The star cast of Kalank on the show

In the latest episode of The Kapil Sharma show we see the actors from the upcoming movie Kalank entertain the audience and share their experiences of different aspects of their life
The Kapil Sharma show April 13, 2019 written update: The star cast of Kalank on the showThe Kapil Sharma show April 13, 2019 written update: The star cast of Kalank on the show
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The episode starts with a newspaper being thrown at Kapil Sharma. The newspaper vendor asks for money for the last two months newspaper delivery. While Kapil Sharma is reading news, Chandan makes an entry. They start with their skit to entertain the audience. Chandan calls out to Bhuri as his GF. She comes out and warns Chandan not to take her name. The skit ends with Bhuri running behind Chandan to kill him. Kapil returns and tells the audience that the guests for today are from the multi starrer movie Kalank. He welcomes on stage the super hit on stage couple Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt. Alia and Varun give a quick background of their roles in the movie. Alia shares with the audience her experience of learning Indian classical dance. Kapil also shares with the audience that Alia speaks very respectfully in Kalank which is totally opposite of how her language was in Gully boy.

Kapil then calls on stage Aditya Roy Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha. Aditya Roy Kapoor performs on Ganpati dance. After a brief talk, Sapna comes on stage. The audience is thoroughly entertained by the Sapna's skit. Sapna who usually promotes her massages to the guests is given a massage by Varun Dhawan. The crowd loves the entertainment. The skit ends and the conversation with the guests begin. Varun and Kapil share their experience of working with David Dhawan. Kapil tells the crowd that the guests will now dance. The guests perform on 'Tamma tamma'. Kapil tells the audience that Alia and Sonakshi wear gents perfumes and they share the reasons behind it. The guests are treated to coffee. Kapil asks the secret behind their glowing faces. The conversation continues and Kapil tells everyone that when Varun was in college he wanted to be a stand up comedian. He enacts Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock who is shown promoting their movie Kalank. Kapil asks the guests on how they performed academically. Kapil asks the audience whether they are in favour of love marriage or arrange marriage. A few members of the audience share their views. The episode ends with a selfie and the star cast promises to come back in the next episode

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