The Kapil Sharma Show, November 6, 2021, Written Update: Humorous ride with Jeetendra & Ekta Kapoor

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Humorous ride with Jeetendra & Ekta Kapoor
The Kapil Sharma Show, November 6, 2021, Written Update: Humorous ride with Jeetendra & Ekta Kapoor

As the show starts Kapil makes his way to the stage with a beautiful song. He conveys his Diwali wishes to the audience. The audience keeps chanting Kapil’s name as he starts the show. The host then welcomes his guests; Jeetendra along with his talented daughter Ekta Kapoor. Kapil informs the audience about Ekta Kapoor’s new project of “Ek”. Ekta Kapoor gives a brief description of her new line of beauty products. She informs everyone about the great initiative behind her project.

Ekta Kapoor recalls how she had to deal with a Punjabi and Sindhi parent in her childhood. Kapil asks Jeetendra a series of questions he has prepared and the legendary star shares the story of Ekta’s first acting performance as Ravaan in her childhood. Jeetendra also shares memories with his wife Shoba Kapoor.

Krushna and Kiku enter the show dressed up as Dharmendra and Sunny Deol respectively. Their performance turns out to be an absolute delight for the guest as well as the audience. Krushna being Dharmendra recalls his beautiful memories with Jeetendra.

Kapil then presents some old pictures of Jeetendra and his family and it turns out it’s the first time Jeetendra has seen some of them. Ekta Kapoor tells Kapil how she used to be jealous of her father’s female co-stars on her visit to his movie sets. Sumona presents some funny segments of her own. Jeetendra shares the story of how he got into acting with the help of his uncle.

Kapil impresses the audience and Jeetendra too with his beautiful song and the actor reminds Kapil how multi-talented he is. This is followed by a funny audition to Ekta Kapoor’s serial, by Krushna, Kiku, Sumona and Chandu. The segment turns out to be so funny that even Krushna bursts into laughter as he performs. Towards the end of the show, Ekta Kapoor distributes gifts (products from her new project “Ek”) to the cast. As the show wraps, Kapil thanks the audience and promises to bring more laughter in the next episode.

We have watched this episode on the channel’s OTT platform.

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