Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 22nd September 2017 Written Update: Rishi confronts Tanu

Updated on Sep 26, 2017 09:50 AM IST  |  1.8M
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Tanuja confronts Rishi, and asks him what she did this time, to anger him. He turns to leave, but Tanu insistently questions him again, asking if there is anything he wants to say, and why does he seem so bothered. Rishi annoyed that Tanu is pretending not to know why, asks her to tell him the reason. And adds to it saying that he couldn't meet her last night, but doesn't regret it at all. 

To this Tanu retorts saying that he could only possibly meet her if he had come, but he didn't and and slept after promising that he would, breaking yet another promise to Tanu. Which according to her is nothing new as she is used to him breaking promises. Already angered by Rishi's attitude she adds that even if he had come her answer would have been the same, and neither she nor Natasha would want to be a part of his life and asks him to forget the past and her. 

Rishi, hurt and angry says that he doesn't need her in his life but he does need his daughter, and that he will do anything to get her, at this point holding her roughly by her shoulder. 

Tanu asks him to leave her hand, and Rishi retorts saying that he has no interest in holding her when she belongs to someone else. While Tanu recalls the previous night’s happenings, she defends herself by saying that she is respected and cared for in that house and Abhi is her husband. And to stop behaving like she was the one who cheated when the truth is evident. She further suggests him to go back to his house and live happily with Naira who she says loves him and cares for him.

Naitra sitting in the room, she remembers how Rishi was alleged for an extra marital affair with Naitra in court. Court's hearing will be tomorrow again, no idea what will happen.

Rishi explains to Tanu that please do not drag Naitra into all of this. Tanu says I can’t drag Naitra in any case you but you can drag Abhi at whatever point you have the desire to. Rishi says you don’t realize what Naitra did to my family.Tanu says I recognize all the things that Naitra did for you and your family. Tanu says I think I realize how incredible Naitra is, I couldn’t admit my affection in private however Naitra confessed in front of all, you love her furthermore she adores you, you both love one another, be cheerful. Rishi question why can’t he be happy if Tanu is with Abhi and also makes it clear that he does not care about her anymore. Tanu says you do else you wouldn’t be fighting in middle of the road like this, look at me, I am happy and I don’t bring past because Abhi loves me, he is a great husband and father. When questioned by Rishi whether he is good enough for you or not, Tanu says that he does not make me cry. Tanu is irritated with question-answer round and threatens Rishi to call Abhi right away. Rishi says please call him, tell him a maniac partner is behind you, she says I don't disturb him for little things, Rishi says he is that great? Tanu says he thinks about me, doesn't place allegations at me, and doesn’t steal everything from me.Rishi says custody case was not my idea, I could never think to separate Natasha from you. Tanu says whatever is happening is not happening because of you right? She sits in her car and drives away. 
At night, Tanu serves food, Abhi appreciates her and begins eating. Tanu recalls Rishi stating that she could clear out yet he needs his daughter back, she is tensed and doesn't eat. Abhi asks her to eat. Spoon falls down from Tanu’s hand, Abhi dives down to lift it.Tanu tries to gulp down the food but leaves the table. Abhi feels terrible. Abhi goes behind her and says till what time will you remain like this? You must smile in life, you must trust me. Tanu says that she cannot trust anyone because of Rishi, and leaves.

In the morning, Abhi meets an additional legal counsellor Batra and says you would be battling my case? Batra says yes, Mehra might have been sick also I am his teacher hence I will battle all the more nicely, I examined the case and we will win.
Rishi goes to the court. As legal counsellor Mittal stops him.

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