Kasauti Zindagi Kay November 8, 2019 Written Update: Anurag meets Prerna at the office

In the latest episode of Kasauti Zindagi Kay we see how Prerna and Anurag meet at the office and Komolika arrives too.
Kasauti Zindagi Kay November 8, 2019 Written Update: Anurag meets Prerna at the officeKasauti Zindagi Kay November 8, 2019 Written Update: Anurag meets Prerna at the office
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The episode starts with Anshul asking Prerna to welcome the new boss. Anurag arrives and Prerna is preparing garlands. Anurag walks towards her. Prerna turns and is shocked to see him. She recalls the moments spent with him and puts the garland round him. He thinks maybe even she was his fan like the other girls. Anshul asks Anurag what happened and asks him to come along. One of the girls exclaim that Anurag is very handsome and that Prerna froze on seeing him. Prerna goes to Anurag and Anshul tells him that she is his new secretary. Anurag tells Prerna that he didn't expect to see her there. He asks her when did she join. She tells him that it is her first day. Anurag says that it his first day too. He tells her that he wants to see the company at greater heights. Prerna passes a few files to him. While passing the file some papers fly. They pick the papers. He holds Prerna and they both get the same flashback. He gets Sonalika's call. Prerna says that he asked for file, she passed it, wind is strange, the papers flew, he strange. She smiles and thinks what happened to her. Anurag was close to her.

She thinks its good he is here, but he may hear her pounding heartbeat. Anurag goes back and answers Sonalika’s call. She asks him how his day is. He says superb. She asks if he is missing her. She says you just have rights to miss me. He says he will call her later. She tells him that love is fun when it gets on mind gradually, then it becomes passion and madness. Anurag looks for a file. He says he forgot it at home and will ask someone to get it. He calls Nivedita. She asks if he liked the new office. Anurag says its good and asks her to get the file. She agrees. Komolika says she wants to take the file to Anurag’s office. She tells Nivedita not to tell Anurag that she is coming. Prerna goes to have tea. The man asks Mala to tell Prerna to focus on work. Komolika comes to meet Anurag. Mala says that Anurag doesn't have any meetings today.  Komolika says she is the owner of this company and not to ask again.

Mala calls Prerna and asks her to come for the meeting quickly. Komolika collides with Prerna and goes. The manager asks Prerna to go and apologize to her. Prerna says I already said sorry, I m getting late for meeting. He says fine, I will go to apologize on your behalf. Komolika calls out Anurag. She says he may go anywhere but come back here. She keeps her pic on the table. She says wife’s pic should always be in front of husband, so that magic goes on. Anurag is in the meeting. Prerna comes and gets her saree stuck to the door. He thinks she will feel bad if I call Prerna clumsy. She apologizes  and asks to continue the meeting. Anurag helps her. The manager Ashish sees Komolika and says that she is sir's wife. She says yes and asks for his identity. He introduces himself. She asks for  Anurag. He says conference room and leads her to it. She thinks Anurag will be surprised seeing me. Anurag tears Prerna’s saree erroneously and apologizes to her. She says anyone could have done this. He asks her to get file from her desk. Prerna goes to get the file and sees Komolika.


This is a flop show .Erica is a terrible Prerna .This show needs shutting down .

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