Kasautii Zindagi Kay February 11, 2019 Update: Prerna poisons Mohini

Today in Kasautii Zindagi Kay, we see how Komolika mixes poison in the halwa Prerna gets for Mohini and how she falls ill after eating it.
Kasautii Zindagii Kay,Serial updates,star plus kasautii zindagii kay updateKasautii Zindagi Kay February 11, 2019 Update: Prerna poisons Mohini
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In the previous episode, we saw how Mishka over heard Anurag’s conversation with Prerna and Anurag comes to know that Mishka was there. Anurag gets an opportunity to talk to Mishka and tells her that she doesn’t love Mishka and that she should leave Anurag alone, as she will not be happy with him. Here, Komolika tries on Mishka’s ring when Mishka arrives crying. Komolika asks Mishka whether Anurag broke off the engagement to which Mishka gets disgusted and warns Komolika not to play with her. Mishka tries to put an end to Komolika evil planning by informing her that Anurag loves Prerna and that Komolika will never be able to get Anurag, to which Komolika answers back that she should no more think about Anurag and leave the matter for her to handle.

Here. Veena sends some protein-rich halwa for Mohini for her to feel good and get cured quickly and sends that with Prerna to Basu house. Anurag meanwhile was talking to Mohini about his and Prerna’s relationship, while Prerna is seen in the kitchen when Komolika comes in to see Mohini. Komolika sends Prerna out by informing him that Anurag is calling her and puts poison in the halwa which Prerna got for Mohini. Prerna goes ahead and serves the halwa to Mohini which makes her very ill. Everyone gets worried and calls their family doctor. The doctor examines Mohini and informs everyone that the halwa did not suit Mohini and she fell ill because of that. Will Komolika be successful to destroy Prerna and Anurag’s relationship? Will everyone come to know the truth behind Komolika’s plotting? Stay hooked for latest updates!

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