Kasautii Zindagii Kay August 12, 2019 Written Update: Anurag and Prerna argue

Today in Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Mohini faces sharp accusations after Tanvi's health takes a hit. Later, Anupam motivates Anurag to compete against Mr Bajaj.
Kasautii Zindagii Kay August 12, 2019 Written Update: Anurag and Prerna argueKasautii Zindagii Kay August 12, 2019 Written Update: Anurag and Prerna argue
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In the last episode, Mr Bajaj decides to shift into the Basu mansion after gaining its possession. Later, Nivedita desperately tries to stop Anurag from leaving the house. Anurag shares his grief with Anupam and tells him how helpless he felt in Prerna’s matter. Anupam tells Anurag to not think much and move on, however, Anurag tells Anupam that he would not be able to see Bajaj and his family stay at the Basu house along with them. Meanwhile, Prerna was playing hide and seek with Kuki and while looking for her, she bumps into Anurag. Anurag taunts Prerna for having cheated on him, however, Prerna gets annoyed and asks him when will he move on and leave her alone. Anurag challenges Prerna that he will drag her back with him and not leave her alone. Prerna tells Anurag not to waste time on petty things and go to the office and work towards taking his family out of the mess. Anurag tells Prerna that he had left his wallet on the table and was going to fetch that from his room which was now taken by her and Mr. Bajaj.

Prerna recollected that if Anurag went to her room, he would come to know that she and Mr. Bajaj were sleeping on different beds and rushed to stop him. Prerna refrained Anurag from entering the room and tells him to keep away from her room, as she did not want him to come to their room. Just then Sneha comes and tells Prerna to continue playing. Prerna tells Kuki to hide while her argument with Anurag continued. While looking for Kuki, Prerna overhears the argument between Chachi, Tanvi and Nivedita, Mohini and tries to resolve the matter between them. Just then, Tanvi had a pang on pain in her stomach and Chachi blamed Mohini for trying to poison Tanvi by adulterating the food. Mohini overhears Chachi’s accusation and tells her not to put false allegations on her.

Here, Veena was offered a job which she took and agreed to take the decoration job in order to take care of the expenses. Shivani calls Prerna and tells her that in spite of the fact that she did not want to speak with her, however, she tells Prerna that it was important for her to stop Veena for working in order to take care of the house expense. Elsewhere, Anupam tried to motivate Anurag and tells him that it wasn’t right to get stuck in life.

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