Kasautii Zindagii Kay August 13, 2019 Written Update: Tanvi and Sharda Mausi’s devious ploy against Prerna

In the latest episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, on finding Kuki missing, Mr Bajaj berates Prerna while Tanvi and Mausi rejoice the success of their plan. Later, Mr Bajaj finds an unconscious Kuki in the storeroom.
Kasautii Zindagii Kay August 13, 2019 Written Update: Tanvi and Sharda Mausi’s devious ploy against PrernaKasautii Zindagii Kay August 13, 2019 Written Update: Tanvi and Sharda Mausi’s devious ploy against Prerna
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In the last episode, Mohini faces sharp accusations after Tanvi's health takes a hit. Later, Anupam motivates Anurag to compete against Mr Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj brings a toy for Kuki and wondered where she was. He asks Prerna where Kuki was. She tells Mr. Bajaj that they were playing hide and seek and she must be around. Mr. Bajaj, Tanvi, Mausi and Prerna panic as they were not being able to locate her. While everyone looked for her, Tanvi calls for everyone and tells that Kuki was found in the store. Mohini tells Mr. Bajaj that he had committed a mistake by giving the responsibility of her daughter to Prerna, as she would destroy him like she did to them. Bajaj gets angry on Prerna and tells her that he had brought her to take care of Kuki and nothing else. Nivedita hears Bajaj’s comment and wondered what did that mean.

Prerna feels guilty as her mind got diverted after receiving Shivani’s call and she had forgotten that she was playing with Kuki. Bajaj tells Mausi and Tanvi to call the doctor and they come to the room to call the doctor. In the room, Tanvi reveals her plan to Mausi and tells her that since she knew that Kuki was afraid of darkness and ghosts, she had scared her pretending to be a ghost while Kuki was hiding in the store room and once she fainted out of fear, she came out of the room, leaving her in the room. Chachi tells Tanvi that since she couldn’t shoulder Kuki’s responsibilities, Bajaj had found Prerna and had married her while she thought of getting her (Tanvi) married to Bajaj in order to get money and power.

Tanvi tells Mausi that now there was no use to impress Rishabh as he had already married Prerna. Mausi explains Tanvi that there was still hope, as Rishabh had married Prerna only because he found Prerna taking care of Kuki on several occasions and did not really love her. Tanvi understands Sharda’s plan and tells her that before Rishabh develops feelings for Prerna, they would have to break their alliance. Sharda tells Tanvi that they would have to make Rishabh believe that Prerna wasn’t good enough to take care of Kuki and convince him to leave Prerna. Here, Kuki regains consciousness and seeing Rishabh’s concern for his daughter, Prerna sees the other side of Mr. Bajaj. She found Rishabh to be world’s best father while she had always seen him as a shrewd businessman.

Sharda mausi comes to talk to Rishabh and advices him to give Prerna sometime, as she was very young to fulfil the responsibilities of a mother. She tells Rishabh that the way he yelled at Prerna wasn’t the right thing to do, as his shouting were insulting. Sharda tells Rishabh that if he ill-treated Prerna, she would never be able to become Kuki’s mother. Rishabh realizes his mistake and feels guilty while Mausi and Tanvi rejoice, as Sharda had put up a marvellous act to make Rishabh believe that she liked Prerna.

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