Kasautii Zindagii Kay August 16, 2019 Written Update: Prerna misunderstands Mr. Bajaj

Today in Kasautii Zindagii Kay, an infuriated Mohini insults Veena while Prerna spots Mr Bajaj handing over money to the latter. Later, Mausi and Tanvi hatch a plan to target Prerna.
Kasautii Zindagii Kay August 16, 2019 Written Update: Prerna misunderstands Mr. BajajKasautii Zindagii Kay August 16, 2019 Written Update: Prerna misunderstands Mr. Bajaj
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In the last episode, Prerna learns about Veena's new job while Nivedita and Tapur celebrate Rakhi with Anurag. Later, Mausi and Tanvi plan to foil Kukki's birthday party. Rishabh tells Prerna that she should work towards pacifying her relationship with her mother and that she does not have to yearn for her love. After Rishabh leaves, Prerna thinks that Bajaj still missed his mother and had a special place for her, hence he couldn’t see her in pain.

Here, Anurag misses Prerna while he was preparing for his meeting with the bankers in London and calls her. Anurag tells Prerna that he would break her ties with Mr. Bajaj while Prerna, in order to not encourage him, disconnects the call. While Prerna wishes Anurag to move on in life, Anurag was adamant that he wanted Prerna back. Mohini sees Veena work for Kukki’s birthday party and mocks her about Bajaj hiring her company for the event. While Veena thinks that the party was of Basus, she gets shocked to see Prerna inside the house.

Prerna approached Veena and Veena asks her what was she doing at the Basus’. Prerna tells her that since Anurag had taken over Bajaj’s house under him, Mr. Bajaj had picked his house for dwelling. Veena disapproves their way of living and tells her that she doesn’t think the step was right. Just then, a staff comes and asks Veena for a decorative item and Prerna learns that Veena had come for work and not to meet her. Veena tells Prerna that she was working for Vyas, who got the contract for decoration of the event. Prerna misunderstands Rishabh and thinks that in order to stop her for worrying for the Basus, he had chosen to hire the company where he mother worked, for the event and insult her.

Prerna offers help to Veena and while they argued, Tanvi gets to know that Veena was Prerna’s mother. Tanvi wondered whether or not Rishabh knew that he had hired her mother-in-law for the event and comes to a conclusion that if Rishabh had hired her on purpose, he wanted to insult Prerna’s mother. Prerna tried to convince Veena to leave the job and rest, however, Veena warns her to keep away from her. Tanvi clicks them while they were arguing and wanted to show Sharda, the differences that Prerna and Veena’s relationship had, so that they can grab the opportunity and give their motive a push.

Rishabh comes home and Tanvi wanted to see how he treated Veena and whether or not he knew about hiring his mother-in-law. Rishabh talks to Mr. Vyas and he asks him whether or not he had brought Veena along. Mr. Vyas tells Rishabh that since he had kept the condition, he had to bring Veena along for the contract. Tanvi records their conversation while Mr. Bajaj approaches Veena and asks her how she was. Veena did not reply and just when Rishabh was leaving, Rishabh gets a call from Mr. Vyas, who asked him for money. Rishabh turns around and seek a favour from Veena. He asks Veena whether or not she would give Mr. Vyas the money that he was giving her. Veena behaved indifferent and both Tanvi and Prerna witnesses the situation.

Rishabh comes to the room where Prerna confronts him about hiring her mother on purpose. Tanvi eves drops and hears Prerna and Rishabh’s conversation. While Tanvi brings Sharda to over-hear their conversation, Prerna behaves rudely with Rishabh and accuses him for insulting her mother. Sharda and Tanvi discuss Veena and wondered why she hated Rishabh, as he was filthy rich. Tanvi tells Sharda that according to her, Rishabh had hired Veena to humiliate her. Sharda thinks and tells Tanvi that they should change their plan and use Veena as their trump card to break Prerna and Rishabh’s alliance.

Elsewhere, Nivedita lashes out at Veena and calls her hypocrite to accept Kukki along with Prerna and Rishabh’s marriage while she pretended to abandon Prerna after she got married to Bajaj. Veena gets shocked to know that Kukki was Prerna’s step daughter and she was organizing the party for her. Prerna was dressing Kukki and seeing her with Kukki, Tanvi thinks that Prerna was nothing more than her nanny and would never be able to make a place in Rishabh’s heart.

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