Kasautii Zindagii Kay February 13, 2019 Written Update: Moloy threatens Komolika

Today in Kasautii Zindagii Kay, we see how Moloy threatens Komolika to come along with him to Basu house where he plans to expose Komolika in front of the whole family while Komolika plots on getting rid of Moloy permanently.
Kasautii Zindagii Kay February 13, 2019 Written Update: Moloy threatens KomolikaKasautii Zindagii Kay February 13, 2019 Written Update: Moloy threatens Komolika
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In previous episode we have seen how Moloy confronts Komolika and demands to know what was Komolika’s reason for targeting Prerna. Komolika informs Moloy that Anurag was the one who ignored Komolika and that Anurag was continuously ignoring Komolika which had never happened before. Moloy questions Komolika whether she thinks that by poisoning Mohini does Komolika think she can get what she wants, Anurag Basu? Moloy threatens Komolika that if she doesn’t go with Moloy, he will tell everything to Komilika’s dad and publish in media and that Komolika’s dad will have to face humiliation unnecessarily. Mishka overhears everything and mocks Komolika that she had already warned and that God had already punished Komolika for poisoning Mohini.

Here, Veena pulls Prerna by hand and belittles Prerna for attempting to kiss Anurag in public and that she had forgotten all her morals. Here, Komolika thinks of a plan how to escape the situation which Moloy had created. Anurag on the other hand apologises to Veena while she gets very angry on Anurag. Veena scolds Anurag just when Anurag explains Veena that he loves Prerna and he wanted to get married to Prerna. Anurag also informs Veena that he had broken off his engagement with Mishka and that she knows that Anurag loves Prerna. Veena explains Anurag that they both belong to a different class of communities and that their decision to be together will not work out. Anurag assures Veena that Anurag will not only get married to Prerna but also provide her with all the happiness of the world. Veena accepts their request and blesses Anurag and Prerna.

Komolika calls his security Sanju and instructs the way how he has to handle Moloy and Ramesh. Komolika thinks to herself that for Anurag she readily forgot her own sister, Mishka, so how on earth was he thinking that she would bother to listen to Moloy. Komolika overhears Moloy asking Prerna’s hand from Rajesh, which he happily accepts. Komolika tells Moloy that she cannot come with him. Moloy leaves from there in anger while Komolika had told Sanju to handle the situation with Moloy and Rajesh. Sanju and Rajesh leaves in the car while Sanju follows them behind. Komolika thinks to herself that Moloy and Rajesh will soon get a bad news.

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