Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 8, 2019 written update: Anurag invites Mr. Bajaj

Today in Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Mohini prepares for Anurag and Prerna's wedding. Later, Anurag and Mr. Bajaj get into a verbal spat when the former invites him for the wedding.
Kasautii Zindagii Kay July 8, 2019 written update: Anurag invites Mr. BajajKasautii Zindagii Kay July 8, 2019 written update: Anurag invites Mr. Bajaj
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In the last episode, Prerna does the unthinkable when Ronit's lawyer demands a death penalty for Anurag. Later, she puts forth a secret request to Mr Bajaj. Mohini and Anurag discuss how Prerna had been supportive in all their difficulties. While Mohini had finally come to terms with accepting Prerna as her daughter-in-law, the Basus and the Sharmas remained unaware of Mr. Bajaj's trap. Prerna comes to the Basu Bari where she is welcomed wholeheartedly by Mohini, Anurag and the rest. They all had sighted how praiseworthy Prerna was and what value she holded to the family. Prerna grieved, as she knew she had to marry Mr. Bajaj and leave Anurav behind. Mohini breaks the news of pre-poning the marriage which makes Prerna flinch as she was about to marry Mr. Bajaj the same day when their marriage was scheduled.

Here, while the preparations were at full swing inside Mr. Bajaj's house, Ronit comes to confront Mr. Bajaj in rage and demanded to know why he had double-crossed him. Mr. Bajaj reasons out and tells Ronit that just like any game of chess a King is incomplete without the Queen and that he was about to marry Prerna which would solve his purpose of separating Anurag from Prerna. Mr. Bajaj gives Ronit sir tickets, passport, visa and lots of money and tells him to settle somewhere outside India. Ronit aims at Mr. Bajaj, tells him that he would not leave without taking revenge from Anurag, and tells him to take over Anurag's company after which his revenge would get over. Mr. Bajaj warns Ronit of the consequences if he denied for his offer and tells him that he had obliged to his wishes and now that he did not want to abide by what he (Mr. Bajaj) was telling him, he was on his own from there on. Not wanting to disappoint Bajaj in any sort, Ronit takes the offer but promises to come back to seek revenge.

Meanwhile, the Basus had called their pandit, who points out that because Anurag and Prerna had not completed the rituals of a proper marriage, there were troubles in their paradise. Anurag tells Prerna that he did not want an incomplete marriage and tells a baffled Prerna that they would complete all the rituals without any further delay and get married to each other. The pandit had also told Anurag to be involved in a hawan, which would ensure that the troubles will stay at bay and immediately Mohini and the rest gets the puja started. Anurag expresses his wish of putting sindoor on Prerna's hairline while she tried to divert Anurag. Prerna takes the sindoor and puts on herself, but the next minute, Anurag wipes the sindoor off which makes Prerna startled. Anurag tells Prerna that he has wiped off their half marriage, so that they can marry again. He also breaks the thread, which he had tied on the day they got married in the temple. Prerna breaks down and tells Anurag that she doesn't want to lose him but Anurag, unaware of the proceedings, tell Prerna that she was free from the burden of their marriage and can start afresh. Just then, Nivedita comes inside the room and finds Prerna and Anurag together. She hands over the marriage cards to them and finds Prerna get emotional. Anurag tells Nivedita that he wanted to give the card to a special guests and leaves to meet Mr. Bajaj. He comes to Mr. Bajaj's house and gives him the card, inviting him for his wedding. Mr. Bajaj mocks him and tells him that if the marriage will happen he would surely be present there. Anurag assures Mr. Bajaj that the marriage was going to happen and that he should be there for the rituals. Mr. Bajaj tells Anurag that it was a co-incidence that on the same day, he was also getting married but since his wife wanted to keep their marriage a private affair, they are inviting just the close family. Anurag promises to come post his marriage to give his wishes while Mr. Bajaj laughs at Anurag's fate after he leaves. Later, Prerna reminisces the moments spent with Anurag and regrets to have lost him against Mr. Bajaj. Just then, Anurag calls her and expresses how much in love he was with Prerna while she kept sobbing.

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