Kasautii Zindagii Kay March 12, 2019 Written Update: Prerna calls the cops

Today in Kasautii Zindagii Kay, we see how Veena is furious at Anurag and Mohini after learning about Prerna's marriage. Later, as Mohini threatens to call the cops, Prerna turns the table in her favour.
Kasautii Zindagii Kay March 12, 2019 Written Update: Prerna call the copsKasautii Zindagii Kay March 12, 2019 Written Update: Prerna call the cops
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In previous episode, we see how a furious Mohini falls unconscious after learning about Anurag's first marriage. Later, Anurag is shocked as Komolika reveals her cruel intentions. Anurag intervenes between Prerna and Komolika’s conversation while Mishka wonders whether or not Anurag started to like Komolika. Anurag talks to Komolika affectionately which bothered Mishka. Anurag trying to protect Prerna, suggests that she go back to her home. Meanwhile, Mohini assures Komolika that she had called Veena, who will take Prerna with her. Anurag tries to create a negative space in Prerna’s heart just when Veena enters the Basu house. Mohini comes and instigates Veena against Prerna. Veena lashes out at Prerna for coming to Basu house and letting people insult her. Prerna informs Veena that she had got married to Anurag, which shocks Veena. Veena gets into an argument with Mohini and declares that she was with Prerna in her decision. Prerna fells strong seeing her mother stand by her against all odds. Komolika tries to reason out with Veena, who in return gives a befitting reply to Komolika. Veena blesses Prerna and leaves. Anupam walks Veena out and appreciates Veena for her support. Anupam rejoices Prerna’s return. Mohini threatens Prerna to call the police if she did not leave the Basu house. Prerna calls the police herself and asks Mohini to tell them the address. Mohini disconnects the call feeling helpless in front of a prepared Prerna. Prerna warns Mohini that nothing can force Prerna out and that she had come fully prepared to rightfully claim what was hers. Will Komolika give in to Prerna’s demands? Will Anupam be man enough to speak against Nivedita and Mohini? What will be Anurag’s next move?

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