Kawach Mahashivratri August 11, 2019 Written Update: Sakshi threatens Prem

In today's episode of Kawach Mahashivratri, Sandhya tries to make Prem feel at home but he hurts Aastha while playing. Later, Sakshi tortures Jolly and threatens Prem to not accept Sandhya as his mother.
Kawach Mahashivratri August 11, 2019 Written Update: Sakshi threatens PremKawach Mahashivratri August 11, 2019 Written Update: Sakshi threatens Prem

In the latest episode, Jolly sees Sakshi and begins to act like a maniac. Angad holds him back while Arjun administers the injection to put him to sleep. Kiran yells at Arjun for being irresponsible and leaving the door open. Angad and Arjun put Jolly on the bed. Sandhya holds Prem close and asks him to never come to this room ever again. Jolly is still murmuring in his sleep as Sakshi enters the room and tells him that she will torture him just like they tortured them once. She reminds him of that painful night and fractures his hand in vengeance. 


Later Sandhya's family gets ready to go meet Prem. Vinayak wishes to join them but Usha refuses to allow him to join them. Vinayak breaks down crying. Later, Sandhya brings Prem to Aastha's room and makes him play with some toys. Soon, Prem sees himself in the mirror and gets terrified by his appearance. Meanwhile, Angad and Arjun find out that Jolly's hand has been fractured so they apply a bandage to him. As they are about to leave, Angad hears Jolly murmuring "She's coming" repeatedly and pointing to a door. Angad walks towards the door to investigate but Malini comes to call him for some work. Meanwhile, Sandhya takes Prem for a shower.


Malini speaks to Angad about not letting Prem stay at their house. She thinks Aastha might get scared and Sandhya would start neglecting Aastha. Angad tells her that Sandhya is too attached to Prem to let him go. Later, Sandhya dresses up Prem in a nice white kurta and grooms him well. Malini and Angad enter the room to see Prem's appearance completely transformed. Angad feels happy looking at Prem but Malini tells Sandhya that changing his appearance won't change his animal-like nature. Listening to Malini's harsh comments, Prem gets scared and goes to hide under the bed with his doll. Later, Usha asks Sandhya why she isn't letting her meet Prem. Sandhya shares her worries with Usha regarding the family accepting Prem. Usha reminds her that this child would test her motherly love. She asks her to face the difficulties bravely. Sure tells her that Prem will soon accept her as his mother. 


Later, Aastha goes to play with Prem for the first time. Initially, he plays with her well but later he sees Sakshi standing behind Aastha. He tells her to go away but Aastha thinks he's asking her to go. To drive Sakshi away Prem throws a water bottle but it accidentally hits Aastha's forehead. Aastha rushes to crying and later Sandhya puts a bandage on her wound. Angad is worried about Aastha's safety and decides to send Prem away if he does anything to hurt Aastha. Angad and Sandhya have a fight about this and Angad tells Sandhya that he doesn't accept Prem as his child. 


Later, Sakshi tells Prem that Sandhya is not his mother and sings him to sleep. Roohi, who was passing by Prem's room, hears someone sing a lullaby and thinks it's Sandhya. Later, as she goes to fetch some water she finds Sandhya in the kitchen. She tells her that she heard someone's voice in Prem's room. Both of them go to check his room to find him asleep. Meanwhile, a girl named Rekha abruptly wakes up to paint. She draws a picture of Sandhya, Prem, and Sakshi and has a feeling that someone needs her help. Next day, Aastha gives Sandhya a list of things she wants as her birthday gift. Sandhya notices she has written down toys for boys and asks her why. Aastha tells her that it's for Prem since he never celebrated his birthday and never received any gifts. 


As Arjun and Kiran take Jolly for an x-ray he runs wild and goes straight to Prem's room apologizing. He sees Sakshi and apologizes to her. Scared Prem runs and hides in the wardrobe. Sakshi doesn't spare Jolly and throws him around the room. Everybody rushes to Prem's room as Kiran informs about Jolly running away from the wheelchair. Angad breaks the door to find Jolly lying on the floor begging for mercy. Sandhya finds Prem and tries to hold him close and rub his palms as he was cold. But Prem remembers Sakshi's threat and tries to get away from Sandhya.

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