Kawach Mahashivratri August 17, 2019 Written Update: Sakshi pushes Malini down the stairs

In the latest episode of Kawach Mahashivratri, Sakshi appears in front of Aastha and tries to befriend her. Later, she pushes Malini down the stairs as she punished Prem.
Kawach Mahashivratri August 17, 2019 Written Update: Sakshi pushes Malini down the stairsKawach Mahashivratri August 17, 2019 Written Update: Sakshi pushes Malini down the stairs
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In today’s episode, Sandhya talks to her mother and asks her if she thinks Jolly remembers everything about Prem and Sakshi. She thinks he might know why Sakshi hates her. Meanwhile, Shobha is planning to go to her maternal house as per traditions for her first delivery but Kartik suggests her not to. He tells her that Prem might be a problem since he’s not a stable child yet. Later, Sandhya tries to ask Jolly the reason Sakshi hates her. Angad stops her and tells her that Jolly is on very strong medication and he might not be able to tell her anything in this state. Later, Angad asks Sandhya to keep Prem away from Aastha’s birthday party. After a while, Aastha asks Angad why aren’t they having a party for her at midnight. Angad takes her to the living room where everyone gathers around with a cake. As everyone wishes her and asks her to cut the cake, Aastha asks where Prem is. Angad tells her that he’s asleep. Malini tries to convince her to cut the cake by tempting her with all the gifts that they have bought for her. Prem is secretly watching Aastha celebrate her birthday.


As Sandhya gets Prem some cake, she sees him imitating Aastha. She lights up some candles so that Prem can blow them out and cut the cake like Aastha. He feels happy as Sandhya pretends to be a clown. But later sees Sakshi standing behind Sandhya angrily and he runs to hide in the sheets feeling scared. Later, Aastha sees Angad and Sandhya asleep and takes a gift to go meet Prem. She tries to wake Prem up but he’s fast asleep. She sees a car moving on its own and goes to investigate. Later, Sakshi appears in front of Aastha and asks her to not get scared. She offers Aastha friendship on a condition that she doesn’t tell Sandhya about her. Aastha is initially scared but later she agrees to not reveal to her mother about Sakshi as Sakshi tells her that her mother might face problems if she tells her anything. Rekha draws another picture and immediately books a ticket to go to Mumbai as a mishap is about to happen. Malini asks Angad to keep Prem in his room as she doesn’t want him to cause problems in the pooja. Sandhya tells Aastha that she has to go be with Prem and Aastha accidentally tells Sandhya that he has his special friend with him so she needn’t worry. Sakshi immediately appears and gestures Aastha to not reveal anything to Sandhya. As sandhya leaves the room Aastha apologizes to Sakshi and Sandhya overhears this. Sandhya walks back to see whom she is talking to but since she can’t see Sakshi she thinks Aastha is talking to her doll. She leaves. Sakshi takes Aastha to Prem’s room and tells her they’re about to play a game.


A priest enters the house and senses a bad spirit’s presence. He assures everyone that the pooja will ward off all the evils. Later, the Sakshi lifts Aastha up in the air which terrifies her. Meanwhile, Angad and Malini look for Aastha everywhere. Sakshi is about to throw Aastha out of the window but Angad and Malini reach on time to Prem’s room. Angad yells at Prem but Sandhya arrives and stops him. Later, Angad blames Sandhya for telling Aastha to go to Prem’s room. As the priest begins the rituals, Sakshi begins to lose her powers. As she disappears, Prem goes to extinguish the havan’s fire. This makes the priest furious who refuses to proceed with the rituals. Prem bites the priest’s hand and runs to his room. Malini is enraged and locks Prem up in his room as his punishment. Sakshi sees this and pushes Malini down the stairs in revenge. Sandhya rushes to save Malini who falls on the ground injured. Everyone gathers around Malini and she asks Sandhya to get away from her as she thinks Sandhya pushed her. Rekha draws another picture on her way. She finally reaches Angad’s house but the security doesn’t let her in. As the guard pushes her and she falls down, she begins to draw another picture in which she sees someone standing behind her. She turns back to see Sakshi.


After the doctor treats Malini, Malini tells everybody that she thinks Sandhya pushed her down the stairs out of anger. Angad disagrees with her. He goes to talk to Sandhya who is praying to God as she overheard Malini blaming her. Sandhya hugs Angad and believes that at least he will stand with her even if everybody is against her. Angad tells her that he believes she didn’t push Malini down the stairs but he also has seen how so many problems have come up ever since Prem came into their life. He tells her that Prem’s is unstable and their relationship could break because of him. Sandhya is shocked hearing this.

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