Kawach Mahashivratri October 6, 2019 Written Update: Sandhya loses her memory

Today in Kawach Mahashivratri, Sandhya makes a sacrifice to bring everyone back to life but when she gets the boon to have her life back, she loses her memory.
Kawach Mahashivratri October 6, 2019 Written Update: Sandhya loses her memoryKawach Mahashivratri October 6, 2019 Written Update: Sandhya loses her memory
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In today’s episode, Sandhya begins to behave like a child. She scares her mother and asks her father for her doll. She takes him to the mirror to show him his grey hair but she ends up seeing herself too. She feels amused to see her look changed and asks her mother why has she made her wear a saree. Angad approaches her and asks her why she is behaving like a child. As he touches her arm, Sandhya gets startled and tells him that her mother has instructed her to not let any stranger touch her. Angad tells her that he’s her husband and they have been married for 7 years. Sandhya blushes and tells him that how is it possible because she herself is of 7 years of age. She asks her mother to get her married to Angad when she grows older. Meanwhile, Bhau gets enraged at Sandhya’s successful attempt to get everyone’s lives back. But he wonders why Sandhya is behaving like a child. He summons a witch and asks her to find out why. 


Sandhya keeps pestering her mother to give her food. Her mother tries to ask her if she remembers her family members. Sandhya doesn’t even recognise Prem and Aastha. She sees them and asks them to play with her and her dolls. Her mother tells everyone that she is behaving exactly like the time she was 7 years old. Angad says that only Rekha can help them. Rekha holds Sandhya’s hand and sees what happened when their spirits left the realm of the souls. She sees that Lord Shiva granted Sandhya her life back at the cost of something because of which she has lost her memory. Rekha asks Prem to help Sandhya. Prem holds her hand and closes his eyes and asks Sandhya to get back to normal but it doesn’t work. Sandhya gets up as she’s feeling hungry and marches out to get food. Angad tells her that he will feed her. She blushes and lets him come along. Kiran says that she has kept a fast for Angad and before the veneration cannot have any food. 


They change her saree and make her sit for the veneration to break the fast. Sandhya gets impatient and tries to eat a banana but Rekha stops her. Sandhya’s mother helps her perform the veneration. Sandhya sees that after the veneration everyone is gifting each other something. She asks Angad if he has a gift for her. Angad takes her hands and puts diamond studded bangles on them. Later, Jolly sees a crow at the gate and began to yell at it. He screams that he can see someone there and asks it to go away. Everyone takes him inside. After the veneration, as Shobha is about to go inside her phone falls down. She goes to pick up the phone but a crow comes and sits on it. She tries to shoo it away but the crow turns into the witch that Bhau had sent. She hypnotises Shobha and takes her body form and turns her into a crow.


Later, Angad feeds Sandhya as she was very hungry. She sees that Angad has a headache and ask him if she can apply balm to his forehead. As she closes the drawer after taking out the balm, her fingers get stuck in it. Angad applies bandage to her fingers and gets concerned. Sandhya lies down on Angad’s lap and asks him to sing a lullaby as she wants to sleep. He tells her that he doesn’t know any. She asks him to get him her Manju Bua as she sings great lullabies to her. Meanwhile, the witch in Shobha’s form hypnotises Ankit and puts him to sleep as he was packing bags to leave the house. Angad goes to Sandhya’s parents and asks them who Manju Bua was. Sandhya’s father tells him that she died when Sandhya was 1 year old. Sandhya’s mother tells him that she used to say that she met Manju when she was 7 years old but they assumed that she was just imagining things. After they took her to a doctor, she had stopped mentioning Manju. She thinks that since Sandhya is in that stage of life again she might be having such delusions. But Rekha arrives there and says that it’s possible that Sandhya might’ve seen Manju’s spirit. 


Rekha goes to Sandhya and hypnotises her to recall her past. Sandhya remembers when she was 7 years old, her Manju Bua used to visit her and she tried to tell her something. The witch follows Rekha and everyone else to find out what is the reason behind Sandhya’s memory loss. Sandhya remembers that Manju was trying to tell her that girls who go to pray to Devlali’s temple get taken away by Bhau. She had advised her to never go there at the time of Mahashivratri. But then suddenly as Manju was telling her this, Bhau arrived there and took her away because she revealed about him to Sandhya. Sandhya wakes up startled and tells everyone what she recalled. Rekha feels someone’s presence there and asks them to stay in while she checks. She sees a crow and as she closes her eyes she sees the witch who transformed Shobha into the crow. As she goes into Shobha’s room. She sees the witch. The witch attacks Rekha but she doesn’t give up. As the witch tries to suffocate Rekha, Ankit hits her in the head and entangles her in a blanket and lock her in the room. Rekha, Ankit and the crow flee and enter Sandhya’s room.  She tells Sandhya that Bhau has sent a witch this time. The witch comes back to her real form and opens the latch on the door. She says that she will turn Sandhya’s entire family into crows and in exchange, ask her to hand over Prem. When she gives Prem to her, she will kill her family and learn that she should never trust a witch. 

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