Kawach Mahashivratri September 8, 2019 Written Update: Prem saves the day

Today in Kawach Mahashivratri, Prem helps to figure out what will kill Dubi. Later, Angad’s body gets possessed.
Kawach Mahashivratri September 8, 2019 Written Update: Prem saves the dayKawach Mahashivratri September 8, 2019 Written Update: Prem saves the day
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In today’s episode, Sandhya and everyone else see Dubi disappear and Shobha asks if it is safe to go outside the prayer room. Sandhya cautions her and tells her that it might be one of his tricks because if he would have truly left, Rekha, Malini and Aastha would be back to normal. Angad asks Rekha to check if Dubi has really left. Rekha tries but she cannot see anything because of becoming weak. Angad asks everyone to stay in the room until they figure out what is to be done. Later, they hear the doorbell. Angad suspects that Dubi might be trying to lure them out. They hear Kartik and Sandhya’s mother's voice calling for them. Balraj suspects that Dubi might be trying to trick them by changing voices. Ankit decides to check who is it. Shobha insists on going out but Sandhya stops her. Sandhya picks up an oil lamp and a bell and asks Lord Shiva to protect them as she goes out with Ankit to see who has arrived. They come to the living room but don’t see anyone there. They hear Kartik and Sandhya’s mother's voice coming from the other direction and go there chanting shiva’s name. Kartik and Sandhya’s mother see them and tell them that they were worried so they came to check up on them. Sandhya asks them to leave immediately as they’re facing a huge problem right now. Shobha hears Kartik’s voice and leaves the room. She goes to the living room and asks Ankit to leave the house as the door has now opened. As Angad is about to go check what is happening he hears the cawing of crows. The living room gets filled with crows that hover over Sandhya and everyone else there. Meanwhile, Aastha begins to disappear slowly. Suddenly, Dubi appears in front of Sandhya and others. He tells them that he wasn’t going to go away so easily. Angad decides to go face Dubi but Rekha asks him to act wisely as everyone’s life is at stake.


Dubi tells everyone that he’s here to take Prem away on Bhau’s orders. When Sandhya resists, he surrounds them with a poisonous bubble and green clouds. Meanwhile, Malini and Rekha are disappearing at a faster pace. Rekha is disappointed as she didn’t get to see what was on the paper that got burnt otherwise she would’ve saved everyone. Prem tells her that he remembers the drawing. Rekha asks him to draw it for her. As Prem finishes drawing, Rekha sees it and figures out that Dubi is scared of one of the five elements of the earth. They’re confused as to what scares him when Prem tells them that Dubi is scared of fire as he had scared him with a matchstick in the kitchen earlier. While Dubi threatens everyone, Angad arrives and asks Dubi to take Prem away as Sandhya had forgotten Aastha, him and his family because of Prem. Sandhya is shocked. Angad tries to hand over Prem to Dubi but he asks Sandhya to do it. Sandhya requests Dubi to hug Prem one last time. Dubi agrees but threatens her to not act over smart or else he would kill everyone. As Sandhya hugs Prem, Angad whispers to her that he has a plan and she needs to cooperate. Dubi asks them to now hand over Prem. He stops Sandhya at a distance and asks Prem to come to him alone. As Dubi is about to catch hold of Prem’s hand, Sandhya pulls Prem back. Balraj and Kiran throw kerosene at Dubi and light him on fire which kills him. Rekha, Malini and Aastha return back to normal. 


Everyone gets worried as Aastha doesn’t gain consciousness immediately but after a while she wakes up too relieving everyone. Bhau is angry and decides to turn Prem against Sandhya and Angad. He is now coming to destroy the family himself. Sandhya tells the family that they should leave the house and go because she doesn’t want their lives to be at risk. Malini refuses and instead thanks Prem for saving everyone’s life. The whole family supports Sandhya and Angad and tells them that they will fight alongside them no matter what. Angad asks Ankit to take Shobha and Aastha away as they will not be safe in this house. Rekha suggests that they make protective shields for the house to prevent the evil spirits from entering. All the women draw the symbol on every door and window of the house. Angad bids goodbye to Shobha, Ankit and Aastha. After they leave, he feels someone’s presence around him. A crow snoops over his head and he drops his phone under the car. As he goes to pick the phone up, someone drags him away. Rekha and everyone else draw the final symbol on the door when Angad returns and accidentally steps on it. Sandhya asks him what happened since his clothes look ragged. He tells them that his shirt tore while finding his phone. He enters the house and goes to change his clothes. Rekha asks Sandhya is she’s okay as she looks worried after talking to Angad.


Later, Rekha, Sandhya and Kartik perform a ritual to call Bhau and identify who he is. Suddenly, Rekha walks up to the window and sees thousands of crows heading towards them. The protective shield on the window protects them and stops the crows from entering through the window. Later, Angad sees a crow at the window and all of a sudden feels intense pain in his whole body. He falls across the room trying to reach the phone. Sandhya comes by and hears some noise coming from their bedroom. She opens the door and sees Angad there alone. He tells her that there was no such sound. He assures her that nothing bad would happen now. As he hugs her, his eyes reveal that he has transformed and is possessed by someone. Later, at night as the moonlight falls over Angad he wakes up and leaves the room. Sandhya wakes up and feels someone’s presence in the room. She sees that Angad isn’t in the room and wonders where he went. Roohi wakes up too and feels someone’s presence. She notices a yellow liquid on her face and looks around to see where it came from. She looks under the bed to see if something’s there and sees frightening yellow eyes. She runs from the bedroom yelling for help. Everyone wakes up and hears her. Roohi goes to the living room and Angad puts his hands over her shoulder. She gets scared and begins yelling but calms down after she sees that it’s  Angad. The whole family gathers there and Roohi tells them that she saw someone in her bedroom. 


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