Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3, 12 November 2021, Written Update: Dev catches Sanjana in hospital

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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3, 12 November 2021, Written Update: Dev catches Sanjana in hospital (Pic Credits: SET India/ YouTube)

In today's episode, Sanjana was applying nail polish on her hands at home when she gets a call from her lawyer. She inquires as to what has happened, and he informs her that there has been development as Dev has requested an extension in the court hearing. Sanjana gets worried and concerned, and he explains that Dev's father-in-law is in a coma, but his health is improving, and they believe that their request will be granted on medical grounds. Meanwhile, Sonakshi was beside his father Bijoy, exclaiming that he will surely return to the house with them all and because children are waiting for him, Saurabh agrees with her, Dev and Saurabh are walking while talking about how it is for the betterment that Bijoy is getting better, Sanjana walks past them, Sonakshi leaves the room while talking on the phone. Seeing that Sonakshi has left  Sanjana enters the room, picking up the pillow in her hands.

Sanjana says that she is extremely strong, and she will ensure that his life ends. She removes his mask, but Saurabh appears from behind her and exclaims that she is doing a fantastic job. Saurabh, Sonakshi, and Dev all arrive to face her. Sanjana claims that she only came to meet him, but Dev tells her not to play any games because everything has been recorded. Dev picks the hidden camera, and Sanjana wonders how they were even able to unearth the truth. Saurabh comes up with the question that Why did she want to harm Bijoy when he is such a good person. Sanjana replies that it's because was because of Sonakshi, when her mother died, her relationship with Dev was strained, so she considered doing the same.

Sanjana gets worried and questions how were they able to figure it out, Sonakshi replies when her mother died someone told her that parents tend to provide solutions to their children even after their death, so this proved when they found the photo of Asha in her files. Sanjana starts laughing and mentioning how clever Dev is, and how she believes they would have discussed convincing her that Bijoy is awakened from his coma. She then places a knife around Sonakshi's neck.

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