Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3, 17th September 2021, Written Update: Sonakshi gets drunk

Updated on Sep 18, 2021 04:08 PM IST  |  120.6K
Sonakshi gets drunk
Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3, 17th September 2021, Written Update: Sonakshi gets drunk (Pic Credits: YouTube)

In today's episode, Dev organised a party where he invited Sanjana and his other office mates. Vicky compliments Sonakshi on her looks. The host introduces himself at the party and announces a dance for couples. He calls Dev on the stage, while Elena consoles Sonakshi and asks her to stop worrying about Sanjana. Meanwhile, someone knocks on the door. Bijoy opens the door and sees Mr. and Mrs.Verma standing outside, Suhana comes there and informs them that she invited them for Ayush. As Ayush sees his grandparents he rushes towards them and hugs them. 

Meanwhile, Dev grabs the mic and expresses gratitude. He first thanked his mother Ishwari for his success and then asked Sonakshi to join him on the stage. He thanked her for being with him in his worst. Sanjana was getting jealous seeing Sonakshi so close to Dev. The host announces the dance, Sonakshi was made to dance with Jitin and Sanjana was decided to be Dev’s partner. Sonakshi gets worried when she sees Dev dancing with Sanjana. Sonakshi asked Jitin to help her in this problem and check out Sanjana and her evil plans.

On the other hand, Vicky orders an orange juice mixed with Vodka but someone calls him and leaves it on the table. Sonakshi comes to the table and orders orange juice for herself. Sonakshi then mistakenly drinks, Vicky's vodka juice and gets drunk. Jitin comes to Sonakshi and tells her maybe she was wrong about Sanjana. But she gets angry with him. Drunk Sonakshi walks towards Dev and calls him honey bunny. 

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