Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3, 20 September 2021, Written Update: Sonakshi scolds Sanjana

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kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi 3
Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3, 20 September 2021, Written Update: Sonakshi scolds Sanjana (Pic Credits: Sony SET Youtube Channel)

In today's episode, the whole family was playing pass the parcel game, and Bijoy passes the ball to Suhana and the music stops. Ishwari urges Suhana to take a note from the bowl and read your task. The note reads that now Suhana has to act like Bijoy, so she took his glasses and started acting like Bijoy. In the next round the ball stops at Ayush, Mrs. Verma tells him to sing her favourite song but Ayush says he does not know how to sing that. Ishwari helps Ayush in singing and Ayush gets happy. Seeing them Mrs. Verma gets angry but Mr. Verma consoles her that it's okay, see how Ayush is now happy with his family.

On the other hand, the host questions all the employees to tell Dev's favourite colour. Before anyone can reply, Sanjana replied with the correct answer. Then the host questions everyone about what smell Dev dislikes the most, Sanjana suddenly replied that he does not like Ginger's smell. Seeing this Elena and Sonakshi get worried and while the host calls Sonakshi to give a gift to Sanjana. When Sanjana reaches their, Sonakshi tells her to stay away from Dev or else she will make things difficult for her. 

Sanjana listening to this leaves the stage but when she was on the stairs she falls. The whole staff rushes towards her and Dev says sorry to her. When Dev asked Sonakshi get back to home. Sonakshi who was drunk started shouting at him about Sanjana's intentions, she questions him do you know why Sanjana calls you whenever she does not gets a taxi. Meanwhile, Sanjana comes there and tells Dev that she is not able to get a taxi. Dev understands her problem but says sorry and calls Vicky to leave Sanjana at her home.

We have seen this episode on the channel's OTT platform.

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