Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3, October 19, 2021, Written Update: Vicky lands in trouble

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Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3, October 19, 2021, Written Update: Vicky lands in trouble (Image: Sony Set YouTube)

As the episode starts, Dev gets a call from the office regarding the emergency. One of the officers arrives at the office to conduct an investigation and they question Vicky. Vicky informs him that Dev is the real boss and Dev arrives just in time. Dev asks the officer why he needs to investigate out of the blue. The officers inform him, he was tipped by someone within the organization of the illegal activity going on in the office. Sanjana recalls how she decided to tip the officer.

Dev asks his manager to provide the necessary documents to the officer to clear his doubts. Sanjana tries to help Dev as he hurts himself when he punches the desk in anger. Dev shoves her away and asks her to get back to work. Vicky is summoned by the officer and he fears whether he will be trapped. Dev assures him that he will do everything he can to keep him safe.

Ishwariya visits Sonakshi and Bijoy at the hospital along with Radha and Neha. They console Sonakshi and Ishwariya hopes for Bijoy to recover soon. Back at the office, the lawyer advises Dev to take bail in advance for Vicky. Dev asks everyone to keep the issue within the office. As Dev and Sonakshi talk over a video call Sanjana gets jealous of them.

Dev is furious as he learns about the dropping investments and shares of the company. Back home Radha panics as she sees Vicky on the news. Dev assures them they will take him. Sanjana informs Dev about the document that could save Vicky and Dev tells Sonakshi, Sanjana is a lifesaver and Sanjana watches it. As the episode ends, the documents that could save Vicky are seen on Sanjana’s table.

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