Kudumbavilakku, November 18, 2021, Written Update: Sharanya manages to change Sidharth’s mind

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Kudumbavilakku, November 18, 2021, Written Update: Sharanya manages to change Sidharth’s mind (Image: Still from Kudumbavilakku)

As the episode starts, Vasumathi asks Vedhika why she didn’t tell her about pregnancy and she expresses her doubts regarding Vedhika’s pregnancy as she didn’t show any signs of it.

Vedhika takes Sharanya and Saraswathi to her room and she tells them how Sidharth asked her to have an abortion. Sharanya and Saraswathi are shocked at her reveal and Vedhika accuses Sumithra of convincing Sidharth to make such a decision. They point out the need to change Sidharth’s mind as soon as possible.

Saraswathi decides to talk to Sidharth to change his mind regarding Vedhika. Sidharth reminds her how she asked them to have an abortion when Sumithra was pregnant with Anirudh. Saraswathi pleads to bring Vedhika over to his house and Sidharth asks her not to bring this issue to him ever again.

Saraswathi discusses Vedhika’s situation with Shivadas, in the hope that he would talk to Sidharth about it. But Shivadas is in no mood to plead for Vedhika and he reminds Saraswathi of what all Sumithra has been through because of Vedhika.

Sumithra has been listening to their talk and Saraswathi asks her for help to convince Sidharth to bring Vedhika back home. Sumithra asks her if she has forgotten how she constantly used to remind her that she had no right in Sidharth’s life. Saraswathi curses the time she decided to ask Sumithra for help.

Vasumathi advises Vedhika to ask Sidharth for forgiveness if she wants to stay with him and Vedhika assures her Sidharth will take her back on his own. Sharanya calls Sidharth and asks him to have mercy on his unborn child if not for Vedhika.

Sharanya’s words make Sidharth thoughtful and he decides to call Vedhika. To her surprise, Sidharth tells Vedhika that he has decided to bring her back home. As the episode ends, Vedhika is happy that her fake pregnancy worked out in convincing Sidharth.

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