Kudumbavilakku, November 19, 2021, Written Update: Sampath sheds water on Vedhika’s plans

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Kudumbavilakku, November 19, 2021, Written Update: Sampath sheds water on Vedhika’s plans (Image: Still from Kudumbavilakku)

As the episode starts, Vasumathi who has been listening to Vedhika’s call, asks her if Sidharth is coming. Vedhika reminds her of what she told her and informs her that Sidharth has finally decided to come and get her. Saraswathi is all excited as she learns about the news of Vedhika being brought back to the house by Sidharth and she informs Shivadas and Sumithra about it. She warns Sumithra to keep her services off Sidharth’s house once Vedhika is back.

Just as Sidharth is about to leave for Vedhika's house, Sampath makes a surprise visit. He tells Sidharth, it would be a mistake if he didn’t listen to what he has to say. Sampath tells him that he is aware of the fact that Vedhika isn’t home and he also recalls how Vedhika left him the same way, while they were in relation. As Sidharth tells him he can’t abandon her during her pregnancy, Sampath tells him he came just at the right time. Sampath asks Sidharth if he is sure that Vedhika isn’t lying about her pregnancy. To his shock, Sampath reveals that Vedhika isn’t capable of being pregnant as her fallopian tube was removed after Neerav’s birth.

He also shows Sidharth a report to Sidharth to confirm it. Sampath tells him he can do as he pleases, but he ought to know the truth. Sidharth arrives at Vedhika’s house and meets Shankaran and Vasumathi. Vedhika comes out all excited to go home with Sidharth and she tells him she has packed her bags already. Sidharth asks Vedhika if she has any proof of her pregnancy. 

Vedhika asks him if he is doubting his own wife and Sidharth tells her that he has proof that she isn’t pregnant. Sidharth shows her the medical report Sampath gave him and Vedhika is in shock. Sidharth tells the family how Sampath revealed the truth to him earlier. As the episode ends, Sidharth informs Vedhika that she doesn’t have a place in his life anymore for making up such a lie.

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