Kudumbavilakku, October 12, 2021, Written Update; Siddharth doesn’t accept Vedhika

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Kudumbavilakku, October 12, 2021, Written Update; Siddharth doesn’t accept Vedhika (Image: Still from Kudumbavilakk)

As the episode starts, Naveen and Vedhika are on their way back to Vedhika’s house. Naveen feels the need to send Vedhika back to her home or else he will have to take care of her. He advises Vedhika to get into the house as Siddharth will be at work now. Saraswathi notices Vedhika’s arrival and she advises Vedhika to go back to her house without hesitation. Vedhika asks Saraswathi if she will come with her to meet Siddharth and Saraswathi expresses her disinterest in it.

Siddharth asks Vedhika why she came back when he has already made it clear to her that he doesn’t want her home. Vedhika tells him she won’t leave as her innocence has been proved by the police. Siddharth tells her either she will have to leave the house or he will. Naveen tries to plead for Vedhika and Siddharth is angered by it, he asks them both to leave immediately. Just as Vedhika leaves, she tells Siddharth that she knows why he’s sending her away, she tells him she won’t come back on her own and he will have to bring her back to the house.

Saraswathi has been watching the turn of events from her house and she is caught by Sanjana and Mallika. They have an argument regarding Vedhika’s release when Sanjana tells her Vedhika is released at Sumithra’s mercy. Vedhika takes shelter in a hotel room and she vows to kill Sumithra and Siddharth if they get back together in her absence.

Sheethal and Sanjana discuss the turn of events between Vedhika and Siddharth, Sumithra tells them there is no need for them to worry about Siddharth’s issues. As the episode ends, Sanjana tells her that she doesn’t think Siddharth will take Vedhika back again.

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