Kudumbavilakku, October 29, 2021, Written Update: Vedhika confronts Sumithra

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Kudumbavilakku, October 29, 2021, Written Update: Vedhika confronts Sumithra (Image: Still from Kudumbavilakku)

As the episode starts, Sumithra is at the waiting lounge, wondering where Sheetal is. Vedhika confronts Sumithra for paying Sidharth’s hospital bill. As things escalate between them people start staring at them. Vedhika accuses Sumithra of trying to steal her husband by paying his hospital bill. Sumithra tells her she paid the bill of her children’s father. Sumithra reminds her they are in a hospital and asks her to behave.

Sheetal tells Sidharth that she won’t be going to school today and she will be there to help her father. Ananya arrives and informs them that Anirudh is at the operation theatre. Sidharth tells them he shall take a taxi home as Pratheesh too is busy at the moment. Sheetal asks him to come with her and Sumithra and Sidharth fears Sumithra won’t like it. Sheetal and Ananya tell him they will take care of it.

The fight between Sumithra and Vedhika continues. Vedhika vows to take Sidharth home with her as she takes her leave. Sheetal requests Sumithra to take Sidharth with them in their car and Sumithra tells them Vedhika is here to take her husband and it is not right for us to take him. Sidharth asks Sumithra not to take her name and tells them he shall take a taxi. Sheetal forces him to come with them and Sumithra agrees.

Sidharth is hesitant to take the front seat with Sumithra but Sheetal again forces him to take the seat. On the way home Sheetal recalls how fast Sumithra was driving the car, the night Sidharth was sick. Sidharth recalls how he criticized Sumithra for her decision to learn driving and he realizes how it saved his life now. As the episode ends, Sidharth expresses his gratitude towards Sumithra.

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