Kudumbavilakku, October 7, 2021, Written Update: Sharanya pleads to Sidharth

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Kudumbavilakku, October 7, 2021, Written Update: Sharanya pleads to Sidharth (Image: Still from Kudumbavilakku)

As the episode starts, Sidharth tells Saraswathi that Vedhika deserves the punishment for what she did and he won’t interfere in that. He leaves the house, leaving Saraswathi worried about his decision. Saraswathi calls Sharanya and informs her about the turn of events.

Sharanya is shocked to learn about Vedhika's arrest and asks her if Sidharth knows about it. Saraswathi tells her how Sidharth asked Vedhika to leave the house. She asks Sharanya to somehow convince Siddharth to help Vedhika and also clear the rift between them.

Sharanya calls Siddharth and she tries to vouch for Vedhika. She asks Siddharth to help Vedhika to get out of jail and Sidharth tells her that Vedhika isn’t with her now and he doesn’t care what happens to her.

Saraswathi is worried as to how she will face everyone back home. Mallika mocks her for Vedhika’s arrest and Saraswathi lashes out at her. Saraswathi confronts Sumithra and asks her why she got Vedhika arrested. She asks her if her heart has turned to stone.

Pratheesh, Sanjana, and Sheetal arrive for Sumithra’s aid and Pratheesh reminds her Vedhika was arrested for the crime she committed. They ask her, where were her concerns when Sumithra was arrested. Sumithra assures Saraswathi that everyone who was involved in the case will be arrested soon enough.

Savithri expresses her concerns about Sumithra to Chitra and they eagerly wait for Deepu’s arrival to know about Sumithra. Deepu informs them that Sumithra has been released from jail as they withdrew the case against her. Deepu shockingly reveals that it is Vedhika who filed a false case against Sumithra and not Ramakrishnan.

Savithri calls Sumithra and Sumithra asks her mother not to worry about her and she promises to visit her. As the episode ends, Deepu and Chitra ask Savithri to break her fast.

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