Kudumbavilakku, September 27, 2021, Written Update: Sreekumar confronts Preetha and Ramani

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Kudumbavilakku, September 27, 2021, Written Update: Sreekumar confronts Preetha and Ramani

As the episode starts, Savithri overhears Deepu and Chitra talking about Sumithra. She worries for Sumithra as to what the police might do to her. She asks them to take her to the police station, so she can beg them to release her daughter. Deepu and Chitra console her and promise her that Sumithra will find her way out of it.

Pratheesh sees Anirudh coming to the hospital with Indraja and he asks him where he was. Anirudh rudely asks him to keep his nose out of his business and asks him to take to his grandfather.

Ananya asks Anirudh where he was and tells him that she knows he wasn’t in the operation theatre. Pratheesh questions Anirudh and Anirudh lashes out at him and asks him to get out of the casualty ward.

As they leave, Pratheesh asks Anirudh if he can take the leave, so that he can handle his mother’s situation. Anirudh asks him to stay and tells him there are others to take care of their mother. Pratheesh has his doubts regarding Indraja and he tells Ananya that her wicked smile reminds him of Vedhika.

Vedhika comes back from the police station and Saraswathi asks her if she visited Shivadas. Vedhika lies about visiting the hospital and tells her she wasn’t able to see him as Shivadas is in ICU. Vedhika gets a call from Naveen, who informs her about an anonymous call that he received.

Rohit and Sreekumar confront Preetha and Ramani, who are at the station to testify against Sumitra. Preetha tells them they are not answerable to anyone except the police. Sreekumar has the feeling they are part of the conspiracy and asks Rohit why police are keen on buying it. As the episode ends, Rohit assures Sreekumar that the truth will be out soon.

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