Kudumbavilakku, September 28, 2021, Written Update: Sheetal is worried back home

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Sheetal is worried back home
Kudumbavilakku, September 28, 2021, Written Update: Sheetal is worried back home

As the episode starts, CI Narayan questions Preetha, he asks her whether she is sticking to the statement that she gave and going forward with the case. Preetha doesn’t answer and Ramani tells them that they are going forward with the case. CI Narayan reminds them that if the case turns out to be a false acquisition, then they will be behind the bars. Narayan orders Nirmala to further investigate Ramani and Preetha before charging FIR on Sumithra.

Sreekumar and Rohit again visit Sumithra and she asks them about her father-in-law. Sreekumar informs her about how Anirudh has been behaving since he came to know about it. Narayan pays a visit to Sumithra and assures to resolve the matter soon.

Sheetal rushes to Anirudh who came home to know about Sumithra and he lashes out at her. Saraswathi asks him about Shivadas and he gives an update on him. Saraswathi tells Anirudh and Sheetal how Sumithra has embarrassed the family with her illicit activities and Sheetal lashes out at her. Anirudh raises his hand on Sheetal for it and Sheetal reminds him how much Sumithra used to care for him.

Sreekumar brings food for Sumithra, but SI Nirmala doesn’t allow them to give it to Sumithra and tells them it’s against the law and also reminds them they can’t stay for the night. Rohit and Sreekumar pay one last visit to Sumithra before they leave the station.

Sheetal sees Siddharth coming home and she cries her heart out and tells how she has been worried about Sumithra and Shivadas. He asks her to be strong and gives her an update on both of them. Siddharth assures her Sumithra will be out soon as she hasn’t done anything wrong. As the episode ends, Saraswathi tries to talk ill about Sumithra and Siddharth stops her.

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