Kudumbavilakku, September 29, 2021, Written Update: Pratheesh visits Sumithra at the station

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Pratheesh visits Sumithra
Kudumbavilakku, September 29, 2021, Written Update: Pratheesh visits Sumithra at the station

As the episode starts, Siddharth tells Sanjana and Sheetal that they can call him for any help they want. Saraswathi is mad at Siddharth’s changed attitude towards Sumithra. Vedhika who sees Siddharth coming from Sumithra’s house asks him if he got confused where his house was. Siddharth tells her he isn’t drunk and he went there on purpose to check on his daughter and Sanjana as they are worried about the incidents that occurred there.

Vedhika asks him what is the need for him to check on the matters of that house and reminds him how he was treated by them in the past. She tells him how they have always chosen Sumithra over him. Siddharth makes it clear to her that he will take care of them as long as he wants and there is no one that can stop him from doing so.

Siddharth wonders who might have trapped Sumithra in the case. Siddharth has his doubts on Vedhika as he recalls situations worth doubting her. Siddharth questions Vedhika and asks if she is involved in the case anyhow. Vedhika straightaway denies and Siddharth tells her she better be telling the truth.

Pratheesh visits the police station to check on his mother. One of the officers happens to be Pratheesh’s fan and he gives him permission to meet his mother when explains his situation. Pratheesh finds Sumithra sleeping on the floor.

Pratheesh finds out that his mother hasn’t been properly fed or given a mat to sleep, he wakes up the officer who was asleep and questions him regarding this. SI Nirmala arrives at the station and she gets into an argument with Pratheesh. She decides to put Pratheesh in the lock up along with his mother. As the episode ends, Nirmala takes away Pratheesh’s phone.

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