Kudumbavilakku, September 30, 2021, Written Update: Sreekumar is confronted by Sharanya

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Sreekumar is confronted by Sharanya
Kudumbavilakku, September 30, 2021, Written Update: Sreekumar is confronted by Sharanya

As the episode starts, Sanjana and Sheetal are worried about Pratheesh who went to meet Sumithra. Sanjana asks Sheetal whether they should talk to Anirudh about this and Sheetal tells her Anirudh will lash out at them. Sheetal advises Sanjana to call Siddharth and tells her that Siddharth has always had a soft corner for her.

Sanjana calls Siddharth and it is Vedhika who happens to answer the call. Sanjana explains the situation over the phone and Vedhika doesn’t utter a word and she cuts the phone. Sheetal and Sanjana realise it was Vedhika on the other end.

Vedhika deletes Sanjana’s call history and switches off his phone, so that he won’t call her. Siddharth comes back from the washroom and asks Vedhika whose phone rang, Vedhika tells him it was a commercial call and she has turned both their phones off so that they won’t disturb them.

A worried Sreekumar calls Rohit to know about how things might turn out. Rohit tells him, Sumithra will get bail if everything goes well and they talk about how they can get Sumithra out of the mess. Sreekumar is confronted by Sharanya for being upset about Sumithra.

Savithri wakes up from sleep screaming as she sees Sumithra being taken to a secret location by the police and Pratheesh being run over by a police jeep when he tries to stop them. Deepu and Chitra rush to find out what happened. Deepu and Chitra discuss their helplessness in the situation.

CI Narayan gets an update from the cyber cell on the numbers he asked them to track. He calls Rohit and informs him that there have been developments in Sumithra’s case. He asks him to come over to the police station. As the episode ends, he assures Rohit Sumithra will be proven innocent soon enough.

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