Kulfi Kumar Bajewala November 29, 2019 Written Update: Kulfi Sikander Re-unite

Today in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Kulfi and Sikander finally unite however Sikander falls unconscious.
Kulfi Kumar Bajewala November 29, 2019 Written Update: Kulfi Sikander Re-unite
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Today’s episode starts with Sikander praying in front of Waheguru in Gurudwara , meanwhile Amyra finds Sikander's medical report in Raju mummy's room and gets worried at the same time Sikander sings bhajan in the Gurudwara. Kulfi quickly recognizes his voice starts searching here and there. She too starts singing. Sikander hearing her voice comes out of Gurudwara singing and starts following her voice. They both spot each other and run towards each other when Sikander falls unconscious. Sikander is quickly taken to hospital where he is treated and Doctors tell Kulfi about his father's deadly disease and that he is dying. A broken Kulfi comes back to Gurudwara and starts crying. When asked by a man what happened she tells about her father's condition and that he is soon going to die. The person tells her to keep faith in God and not lose hope as whatever happens happens for good and everything will soon be alright.

Kulfi gains back her confidence and hope and goes to the hospital to Sikandar. She brings some guitarists with her and sings Sikander a wonderful song to keep him happy. Sikander gets delighted and lies to Kulfi that he fell unconscious because he hadn't eaten anything since morning. However, Sikander soon comes to know that Kulfi is very much aware about his condition.     

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