Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala March 8, 2019 Written Update: Kulfi gets her task

Today in Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala, we see how Kulfi is forced to do a difficult task as Amma Ji and the other kids watch her. Meanwhile, Sikander's search leads him deep into the black market.
Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala March 8, 2019 Written Update: Kulfi gets her taskKulfi Kumarr Bajewala March 8, 2019 Written Update: Kulfi gets her task
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In the previous episode, we see how Amma Ji puts forth a condition to Kulfi if she wants to attend the Parents Day at her school. Meanwhile, Sikander learns about the reason behind Amyra's ill health. To Kulfi’s shock, Ammaji gives her the task of tying a chain to the dog, Bhoot. Rajan reasons out with Ammaji that sending a small kid near Bhoot was dangerous. Ammaji ignores Rajan and tells Kulfi to take the chain from her hand and start the work. With trembling hands, Kulfi attempts to go near Bhoot. She thinks to herself that there might be a possibility of the dog liking her as much as others do. Kulfi tries to talk to the dog and attempts to chain him. Other students stood there in disbelief that Kulfi was actually ready to try her luck. Zinda ridicules other students who were making fun of Kulfi and enjoying themselves seeing Kulfi in danger.

Kulfi did not give up, even though she was scared and tried hard to go near the dog. Seeing Kulfi in danger, Rajan’s heart melted and he prayed for Kulfi’s well being. Kulfi stood there long enough to get Bhoot aggravated to start chasing her. Kulfi climbed a table trying to escape while Bhoot did not leave her side. Meanwhile, Sikander had given the information of the child he had met earlier to the police. He also informed the police that the boy had given Sikander the hankerchief as a signal that belonged to Kulfi. The inspector finds the kid and video calls Sikander to confirm his identity. Sikander identifies him and asks him where had he found the handkerchief. The kid tells Sikander that he had picked the handkerchief while it was lying on the road unattended. After much conversation with the kid no constructive clue got revealed that would lead Sikander to Kulfi.

Sikander goes to the black market to inquire about the dark ruby about which the doctors had informed him earlier. Sikander accidently goes to the same shop where Rajan had gone to take the print outs of Kulfi’s picture. Meanwhile, Kulfi remembers her first encounter with Johnny while she was staying with Sikander and starts singing for Bhoot, as she thought the same trick would work on Bhoot as it had worked on Johnny. Listening to Kulfi’s voice, Bhoot starts to calm down while Ammaji gets angry seeing Kulfi sing to Bhoot. Ammaji interrupted Kulfi and warned her that the task was not over yet and that she had to chain Bhoot. Bhoot leaves Kulfi’s side and she comes down for another attempt.

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