Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala February 11, 2019 Update: Loveleen gives another dose of poison to Amyrah

Today in Kullfi Kumar Bajewala, we see how Loveleen stops Sikander to meet Amyrah while he begs her to let him meet. Loveleen also plots and gives Amyrah another dose of poison.
Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala February 11, 2019 Update: Loveleen gives another dose of poison to AmyrahKulfi Kumarr Bajewala February 11, 2019 Update: Loveleen gives another dose of poison to Amyrah
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In the previous episode we see how Kulfi exposes Nimrat while Lovely gives poison to Amyrah in order to keep Sikander away from Kulfi which Lovely and Amyrah had planned together. We also see how Amyrah was hospitalised where Loveleen stops Sikander to meet Amyrah as she blames Sikander for Amyrah’s condition. Seeing Sikander’s condition, Kulfi kneels down on Lovely’s feet and begs Lovely to let Sikander meet Amyrah and that Sikander was very sad. Kulfi tells Lovely for that she can do anything, when Lovely tells Kulfi that Sikander can only meet Amyrah when Kulfi will get away from their life. Lovely tells Kulfi that she remembers everything Kulfi had done with Lovely and that she can never forget all that. Kulfi tells Lovely that she cannot go anywhere, just when Lovely shocks Kulfi saying that she knows that Kulfi was Sikander’s daughter. Lovely threatens Kulfi that she will make sure Sikander will send Kulfi on his own and that Lovely will make sure that Kulfi is completely out from their lives.

Here, Sikander cries and and requests Lovely to let her stay with Amyrah and begs Lovely for it. Lovely sees Sikander’s condition that he has breaked down and allows him to meet Amyrah when Amyrah opens her eyes and Sikander becomes happy seeing Amyrah talk to her. Doctor comes in to check Amyrah and informs Sikander that Amyrah was recovering after he came and tells Sikander to sit with Amyrah. Kulfi comes in the room where Sikander was lying still recovering from the everything Lovely had told her. Kulfi comes to talk to Sikander when he politely tells Kulfi that they shall talk later and that Sikander was sitting with Amyrah. The family also comes in the hospital where Loveleen stops everyone from meeting Amyrah. She tells everyone to go as she will not let anyone meet her daughter. Loveleen blames Sikander and his family for Amyrah’s condition and she tells Sikander that she will not spare anyone.



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Here, Loveleen tells Amyrah that their plan is working and that Loveleen needs to give Amyrah another dose of poison to get Sikander completely. Loveleen tells Amyrah that the poison can kill her also but they went ahead and took the risk. The moment Amyrah has the poison, she gets an attack and her heart beat stops.


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