Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala April 11, 2019 Written Update: Udit Narayan becomes the new judge

Today in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, Amyra is afraid that Sikander might recognise Kulfi while Pandit Vishnu Bhave insults Kulfi's group. Later, Udit Narayan joins the show as a judge.
Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala April 11, 2019 Written Update: Udit Narayan becomes the new judgeKullfi Kumarr Bajewala April 11, 2019 Written Update: Udit Narayan becomes the new judge
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In previous episode Amyra locks Kulfi and her gang in the green room before the practice session. Later, Kulfi shares her concerns with Jiya after Guruji scolds her team. Mahesh brings Kulfi and her friends on the stage as they missed their technical rehearsal and switched on the lights of the stage. Mahesh explained Kulfi and the rest that the next round will have three judges instead of one and that it was their chance to prove themselves. He motivates them to perform their best and Kulfi starts with the song. Mia and few volunteers see them perform and gets impressed with Kulfi’s voice.

Mia sees emotion in Kulfi’s voice and waits for that perfect opportunity when she can find the truth about Kulfi’s truth. Mahesh gets happy to see Kulfi’s performance. Here, Sikander tells Amyra that she was now ready to face the classical round and promised to be at the back stage for her. Amyra sees Kulfi passing by and gets worried to see her stop by, looking at Sikander. Amyra worries that Sikander will recognise Kulfi’s voice in the classical round and wonders what will be the consequences if Sikander finds Kulfi there. Later, Mohindra visit the police station and requests them to look for Kulfi. Sikander calls Mohindra and asks about Kulfi’s whereabouts. Mohindra repeatedly lied to Sikander about Kulfi being around.

Mohindra decides to tell the truth to Sikander about losing Kulfi if he did not find Kulfi in twenty-four hours. Later, Amyra requests Sikander not to come near the stage and she gives an excuse to Sikander that she will be nervous if he will be around. Amyra tells Sikander that he had to be away for this round and that he could accompany her in the remaining rounds. The time for the performance was half an hour away and when Mahesh was motivating the Benaam group about the performance, he finds Pandit Vishnu Bhave scold some volunteer.

Mahesh takes the group to Pandit Vishnu where he insults the children and tells Mahesh that no one can become a singer overnight. Host Harsh introduces Pandit Vishnu Bhave to the show and welcomes Udit Narayan to join Pandit ji to be the second judge on the show. Udit Narayan performs on the stage and takes his seat near Pandit Vishnu Bhave. Loveleen and the rest of the family take their seats in the audience wanting to enjoy Amyra’s performance. Harsh takes selfie with Udit ji and tells him to take his seat. In the meantime, Sikander plans to get a glimpse of Kulfi and see her from outside. Just when he plans to leave for Mohindra’s house, Mia blocks his way which make Sikander curious.

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