Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala April 15, 2019 Written Update: Sikander talks to Kulfi

Today in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, after the performance, Guruji declares that it was a mistake to trust Kulfi and her gang. Later, Amyra is shattered to spot Sikander talking to Kulfi.
Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala April 15, 2019 Written Update: Sikander talks to KulfiKullfi Kumarr Bajewala April 15, 2019 Written Update: Sikander talks to Kulfi
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In previous episode Kulfi and Amyra are shocked by Sikander's sudden appearance onstage. Later, Pandit insults Kulfi and her friends while the judges argue for them. Udit ji was impressed with Kulfi’s singing while Pandit Vishnu Bhave suggested that they throw the group out. Usha ji request Pandit Vishnu not to be so harsh on the children and judge them on their emotional quotient. Harsh tells the judges to give the group marks and everyone got shocked to see Pandit Vishnu Bhave give a zero to the group. Usha ji and Udit ji both give the Benaam group a perfect ten and appreciated the group for their talent. After getting the marks, Kulfi immediately leaves from there and breaks down. Mahesh gets angry on Kulfi for changing the raag of the song and tells her that they were not worth to participate in the competition.

Sikander leaves the stage behind Kulfi and calls Mohinder who tells Sikander how Kulfi had ran away on holi while he was looking for her. Sikander tells Mohinder that Kulfi was there at the set of Little Superstar and that she had come with the kids as Benaam Group. Sikander finds Kulfi and confronts her about why she chose not to return. Kulfi tells Sikander that she had escaped the remand home with a lot of trouble and that she had come to him directly from there. Kulfi also blames Sikander for not accepting her when she needed him the most. Sikander tries to convince Kulfi and make her understand his circumstances but she leaves without wanting to listen to him. Sikander tried to follow Kulfi but was stopped by Amyra who blamed Sikander for not keeping his promise.



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While conversing, Mia learns about the truth of Kulfi being Sikander’s daughter and she also understands that Amyra did not like Kulfi. She got happy to know the story and wanted to make sure the show got highest TRP by using their story. Amyra makes Sikander promise that he won’t bring Kulfi home and used her health as an aid to ensure Sikander falls for her request. Sikander consoles Amyra and tells her to put herself together as she had her performance. Later, Amyra sings beautifully on stage while the judges seemed to be happy to hear her singing. 

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