Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala April 8, 2019 Written Update: Amyra is surprised

Today in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, Amyra is taken aback by her competitor's identity while Kulfi and her friends qualify for the next round. Later, Mohinder lies to Sikander about Kulfi's well-being.
Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala April 8, 2019 Written Update: Amyra is surprisedKullfi Kumarr Bajewala April 8, 2019 Written Update: Amyra is surprised
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In the previous episode Lovely tricks Amyra's competitor while Kullfi's group prepares for the second audition. Later, Amyra and Kulfi comes on the stage for a faceoff. Kulfi had left the stage disheartened while Kulfi’s gang wondered where Kulfi was. Amyra boasts about her singing and tells Kulfi’s friends about her escape. Kulfi returns to the stage and reveals her identity which shocks Amyra. Kulfi’s group stood strong against Amyra and promised her that they were there to win. Mia observes everything and announces the surprise that she holded for back. She announced that the voting rights were only with the audience and they would choose who will go ahead in the competition.

Host Harsh tells the audience to vote for their contestants and choose between Amyra and the Benaam group. The results from the audience reveal a tie between Amyra and the Benaam group and they both qualify to be in the next round. Mia finds her villain in Amyra and rejoiced at finding a perfect story for her show. Mia announces the names of the top ten kids and Sikander gets happy to see Amyra in the list. Amyra wanted to keep Sikander away from Kulfi. Mia announced the first round to be of classical singing. Mia announced the kids to stay in the Gurukul for the training while Amyra chooses to learn from Sikander. Here, Mohindra was on search for Kulfi just when Sikander calls and informs her about Amyra getting selected in top ten.

Mohindra lied to him and tells Sikander that he was out to get few things for Kulfi. Later, the volunteers show Kulfi and the rest their rooms and Amyra gets involved in a fight with Kulfi. Mia records the fight and plans on hiding Kulfi’s identity until the end. Later, Mia introduces the students to their gurus and Sikander comes as Amyra’s guru. While Kulfi longed for Sikander, Mahesh Tripathi was assigned to Kulfi’s group as their guru. 

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