Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala April 9, 2019 Written Update: Amyra challenges Kulfi

Today in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, Amyra insults Kulfi and her friends while getting a gang of her own. Later, an agitated Guruji condemns Kulfi and her team's behaviour.
Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala April 9, 2019 Written Update: Amyra challenges KulfiKullfi Kumarr Bajewala April 9, 2019 Written Update: Amyra challenges Kulfi
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In the previous episode Amyra is taken aback by her competitor's identity while Kulfi and her friends qualify for the next round. Later, Mahinder lies to Sikander about Kulfi's well-being. Mia had assigned all the students their guru while Amyra gets an opportunity to get Sikander as her guru. Mia instigates Amyra and manipulates her into thinking that she had to be the king of the jungle and that she can only win the competition if she kept everyone under her control. Mia wanted to ensure Amyra plays the perfect villain to the story that she wanted to create on her show. Amyra picks the hint and assembles other candidates with an intention to humiliate Kulfi and her friends. Earlier, Kulfi’s friends had filled their pockets with chocolates which Amyra had seen.

She goes to one of Kulfi’s friends and empties his pocket. Amyra futher blames the group for being unmannered and accused them to be 3Gs – Greedy, Gawar and Gareeb. Kulfi takes a stand and mocks Amyra for being selfish to keep things that belong to someone else. Amyra gets shocked to hear Kulfi’s revelations while Mia silently observes from a distant. Later, the judge instigates Mahesh against his group and mocks him for getting failure in his career as well as landing up with the most infamous group in the show, the Benaam group. Mia overhears the entire conversation and motivates Mahesh by telling him that the group was famous in the audience and that he shouldn’t pay heed to an arrogant judge whose career has almost ended. Mahesh promises Mia that he would teach the group with full dedication and will assure that they win the competition.

While Sikander backed Amyra in the competition, Kulfi longed for Sikander. Mahesh begins with training the children and tells Kulfi and her friends to practise the sargam together. After sometime, Kulfi’s friends get tired to sing the sargam when Kulfi prepares a song on the sargam for entertaining them. Mahesh sees Kulfi and her friends enjoy themselves and gets annoyed on them. He decides to tells Mia for abandoning the group and tells them that he doesn’t want to be their guru. Kulfi and her friends run behind Mahesh and stops outside Sikander’s room. They hear Sikander tell Amyra how a guru is above everyone and that she had to open her heart and concentrate on things that a guru might teach. Kulfi takes Sikander’s lead and apologised to Mahesh, promising him for being dedicated students to his teachings. Later, Mia goes through the footage and finds it odd for Kulfi to touch Sikander’s feet along with Mahesh. Mia wonders what may be the reason for Kulfi touching her show’s villain’s father’s feet. Amyra keeps an eye on Kulfi’s training and gets nervous to see them progress.  

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Kulfi kumar ab day by day bore hota ja raha sabse badi bat amayra ka negative role...guy's over ho gaya h

Interest ni aa raha ab dekhne m

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