Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala August 14, 2019 Written Update: Amyra creates a scene

In the latest episode of Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, Amyra creates a scene after being humiliated on set and takes a drastic move. Later, Kulfi gets a huge shock when she spots Sikander brooding behind the scenes.
Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala August 14, 2019 Written Update: Amyra creates a sceneKullfi Kumarr Bajewala August 14, 2019 Written Update: Amyra creates a scene
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In the last episode, while Kulfi senses Sikander's presence, the latter acts like a statue when his daughters spot him. Later, Amyra and Kulfi perform together in the play. Amyra plans to misguide Kulfi and hires someone to inform Mia that she had to drop Kulfi to a different location than the auditorium, so that she could take Kulfi’s place and perform instead of her. Kulfi understands Amyra’s plan and the latter gets shocked to see Kulfi at the auditorium. Kulfi tells Amyra that since Peter had said nothing about the change of location, she chose to come to the same one instead of believing on some anonymous phone call.

Ritu had come to see the play and Sikander prayed that everything goes well. Amyra had hidden Kulfi’s prop and while she was looking for it everywhere, Amyra tricked Peter and tells him that since Kulfi wasn’t available to perform, she could take place. Ritu was getting impatient as she was running out of time and seeing the importance of the situation, Peter agreed for Amyra to take Kulfi’s place for the time being. Ritu saw the play and she tells Peter that the play was nicely written but since the performance did not touch her heart, she was not ready to invest in it. Just when Ritu was walking away, Kulfi starts to sing a self-made song and started to perform in front of her.

Ritu gets impressed by Kulfi’s performance and tells her that she runs her father’s company and that if he was there instead of her, he would have immediately signed her (Kulfi). Ritu gives a hundred rupee note to Kulfi and tells her that she was now her artist, as she was ready to sign her. Ritu tells Peter that she would support Kulfi and invest on her. Peter gets happy and tells Ritu that Kulfi was the lead and Amyra was her understudy. Amyra feels dejected, as Kulfi had bagged all praises.

Elsewhere, Gunjan investigates and tried to find the driver who could possibly be her witness to get Loveleen arrested, for having murdered Nimrat and get Kulfi justice. Peter gets a call from Jimmy who wanted him to direct a video for him. Unaware of the fight between Jimmy and Sikander, Peter tells Jimmy that he was working with Sikander to direct a musical play and that he could not take out time for the video. Jimmy swears that he would not let the play happen and calls a detective to gather information about the play.

Later, Amyra and Kulfi gets involved in a fight during practise and Amyra tells Peter that she did not want to continue performing for it. Amyra comes out and while she was walking in anger, she hears Jimmy and the detective’s conversation to stop the play. She ignores the comment and on the contrary, feels happy that someone was trying to make the play flop. Here, Kulfi sees Sikander inside the auditorium and tells Peter that she did not want to do the play.

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