Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala February 20, 2019 Written Update: Kumar Sanu visits Sikander

Today, in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, we see how despite several attempts, Nimrat fails to convey the truth to Sikander. When she was about to lose all hope, Kumar Sanu visits Sikander, bearing some unexpected news.
Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala February 20, 2019 Written Update: Kumar Sanu visits SikanderKullfi Kumarr Bajewala February 20, 2019 Written Update: Kumar Sanu visits Sikander
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In the previous episode, we have seen how Loveleen tries every possible measure to fail Nimrat’s plan of revealing the truth of Kulfi in front of Sikander while Nimrat tries her best to make sure Sikander comes to know about Kulfi before she is sent to the boarding school. Nimrat also learns that Loveleen plans to send Kulfi to boarding school while getting her kidnapped on the way which shocks Nimrat. Here, Sikander gets Nimrat’s diary which had fallen from Loveleen’s cupboard which he returns to Loveleen thinking it to be hers. Loveleen thank her stars as Sikander did not recognise the diary and returned it to Loveleen. Just when Loveleen was mocking Nimrat as her plan to unleash the diary in front of Sikander failed, Jhonny snatched the diary from Loveleen and gave it to Sikander. Just when Sikander was about to open the diary Loveleen comes and takes the diary from Sikander’s hand. Loveleen takes Sikander aside where she warns Sikander about having only twenty-four hours for Kulfi to leave the house as Amyra wanted to come back.  

Loveleen carries the diary outside and burns the diary, meanwhile, Nimrat was seen break down as the diary was the last way in which Nimrat could have let Sikander know about the truth. Sikander gets a call from someone on which he was speaking about Kumar Sanu while Kulfi overhears and tells Sikander that Kumar Sanu was one of her favourites. Sikander gets an idea and invites Kumar Sanu to his house to make Kulfi happy. Sikander calls Kumar Sanu and he denies visiting his house as he was stuck in a recording. Nimrat, by using her powers, fails the power of the recording studio and Kumar Sanu comes to Sikander’s house.

Kulfi sees Kumar Sanu come and tells him how she used to listen to Kumar Sanu’s voice since childhood. Kumar Sanu asks Sikander whether or not Kulfi was his daughter to which Sikander tells Kumar Sanu that he can think of Kulfi as his daughter only. Sikander requests Kumar Sanu to sing a few lines which make Kulfi happy. Kumar Sanu requests Sikander to sing a few lines along with him and asks Kulfi to join him while Loveleen lets them enjoy the last day together. Kumar Sanu tells Kulfi that she sings very good just like Sikander, which makes Kulfi emotional while she wonders whether or not it was their last song together.

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