Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala February 22, 2019 Written Update: Sikander bids Kulfi goodbye

Today, in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, we see how Kulfi and Sikander get emotional as she gets ready to go to boarding school. However, Kulfi is unaware of Loveleen's evil intentions.
Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala February 22, 2019 Written Update: Sikander bids Kulfi goodbye
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In today’s episodes, we see how Sikander gets Nimrat’s diary while he learns from the diary that he and Nimrat had a daughter about whom Sikander was unaware. Meanwhile, Amyra gets another attack while Sikander was just a page away from learning about Kulfi and the doctor tells them to take care of Amyra. Sikander tells Amyra to rest for some time while she trying to not leave Sikander alone to read the diary, asks him to stay there and not leave her alone. 

Loveleen sees that the diary was still with Sikander and she tries to divert Sikander’s attention by sending Kulfi inside to spend some time with Sikander. Loveleen decides that she will not let Sikander know that he was her real father until Kulfi was in the house. Loveleen called the person she had bribed and tell him to keep the plan ready and not to make any mistake. Sikander advises Kulfi that she has to take care of herself as in the boarding school there will be a lot of new people around.

The next morning, Sikander bids Kulfi goodbye while Kulfi leaves for the boarding school. Loveleen takes Kulfi to leave her till the car from the boarding school. Sikander reminisces the moments with Kulfi while Nimrat stands there feeling helpless. Loveleen gets impatient as Sikander was taking too much time to let Kulfi go and she comes and pulls Kulfi to send her. Loveleen somehow manages to pick Kulfi and put her in the car. Sikander breaks down seeing Kulfi leave. Loveleen thinks to herself that Kulfi has lost as Loveleen was successful in sending Kulfi away. Sikander starts reading the diary.

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