Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala February 5, 2019 Written Update: Nimrat gets exposed

In today’s episode of Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, Kulfi comes to know the truth about Nimrat.
Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala February 5, 2019 Written Update: Nimrat gets exposedKullfi Kumarr Bajewala February 5, 2019 Written Update: Nimrat gets exposed
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We’ve seen in the previous episode that Lovely overhears Nimrat’s plan to marry Sikander and throw all the family members out.
Lovely makes a plan along with Amyrah to reveal Nimrat’s secret in front of Kulfi who they think can only influence Sikander and cancel the marriage.
Nimrat meets her old childhood friend who calls her Namrata which shell shocks Nimrat as Kulfi was right beside her listening to them. Kulfi gets stunned as she thought Nimrat had lied to everyone about her real name and had betrayed them. Nimrat takes Kulfi inside the house in haste telling her that she wasn’t feeling too well and clears out that her friend had some misunderstanding and that she doesn’t even know who she was. While they were entering Lovely comes there with an excuse to take Amyrah’s books for the project and talks with someone on the phone named Namrata.
Nimrat gets shocked as she thought Lovely came to know about the whole thing and that she will tell Sikander about it and her plan will fail. Lovely tells her she has no business left with Sikander and his family and that she needs to beware of Kulfi in whatever she does. She also suggests Nimrat that she should destroy the documents which can prove that she isn’t Nimrat but Namrata.
Nimrat recalls that and frantically looks for any kind of document that she probably had which will reveal her identity. Kulfi comes in the room only to find a scrapbook which Nimrat had made with hers and Sikander’s pictures. Kulfi comes to know that she is not Nimrat but Namrata and she had been lying.
Kulfi cries and warns Nimrat that she will tell everything to Sikander and that Nimrat will be exposed when Nimrat gets hold of Kulfi and threatens her to burn anyone who comes in between her way. Kulfi gets scared and asks Amyrah to help her as she won't be able to fight Nimrat alone. Amyrah shakes Kulfi’s hand in order to save her dad, Sikander. Lovely praises Amyrah for putting up a great show and smirks as she gets assured that they will be successful in exposing Nimrat.

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