Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala February 6, 2019, Written Update: Kulfi tries to expose Nimrat

In Kulfii Kumarr Bejawala today, Kulfi takes a step towards exposing Nimrat and how the plan flops.
Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala February 6, 2019 Written Update: Kulfi tries to expose NimratKullfi Kumarr Bajewala February 6, 2019, Written Update: Kulfi tries to expose Nimrat
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In previous episodes, we’ve seen how Kulfi gets to know the truth about Nimrat and she swears that she will remove Nimrat from Sikander's life completely. She joins Amyrah in her plan and follows what she says.

In today’s episode, we see how Nimrat gets a call from Satya and that she gets shocked. She tells him to meet in a coffee shop and not to come home to meet her. Kulfi goes to Amyrah and tells her that Nimrat was going to meet someone to which Amyrah says that Kulfi has to follow Nimrat to know everything which will help them tell Sikander that Nimrat wasn’t good enough for them and that Nimrat was fooling everyone.

Kulfi expresses her concern that if Nimrat sees her, she will teach her a lesson to which Amyrah says that Kulfi has to disguise herself as a boy and follow Nimrat. Nimrat goes to the coffee shop where Satya requests her not to spoil Sikander’s life like she had spoiled his. Nimrat tells him not to act smart and that she will get Sikander at all costs. Kulfi hears everything and gets stunned. Accidentally she spills shake on Nimrat’s dress which she goes to clean in the washroom. Meanwhile, Kulfi asks Satya and learns about the entire truth. She tells Satya to tell everything to Sikander and tell her the truth to which he agrees.

Satya reaches on the address and tells Sikander the entire truth, which Sikander doesn’t listen to as Nimrat had told Sikander that Satya was following her and was harassing her. Nimrat catches Kulfi in a room to threaten and tell her that she had recognised Kulfi in the restaurant and that she had told Sikander before Satya reached there. She also tells Kulfi that she had come with a full proof planning that will not fail as she is adamant in getting married to Sikander. All these Amyrah records and sends Sikander and tells Nimrat that she had sent the video and now her plan will be out for everyone to know.

Nimrat runs to where Sikander was and as soon as Sikander picks up the phone, she puts up an act to get hurt from a vase and as Sikander came to help her she cleverly gets hold of Sikander’s phone and deletes the video. Nimrat warns Amyrah and Kulfi not to come in between and that Nimrat can do anything to get Sikander.


Cruel behaviour of lovely against a seven year old innocent child is sending a very wrong message to the community.

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