Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala February 8, 2019 Update: Loveleen poisons Amyrah

Today in Kullfi Kumar Bajewala we see how Loveleen poisons Amyrah to get rid of Kulfi and how Nimrat gets exposed.
Star Plus,Serial updates,Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala,Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala updateKullfi Kumarr Bajewala February 8, 2019 Update: Loveleen poisons Amyrah
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In the previous episode, we see how Lovely comes to know that Kulfi knows that Sikander is her real father and gets shocked. On the other hand, Nimrat makes a plan of proposing Sikander for engagement in the party that they were going to which scares Kulfi and Amyrah. Today we see that Loveleen tells Amyrah that Kulfi has to go away from Sikander’s life today. Amyrah tells Lovely that she trusted her and that she just wants her dad, Sikander to be with her. Here, Sikander and Nimrat go to the party where Lovely along with Kulfi and Amyrah also reaches.

Amyrah tells Kulfi to follow Nimrat and she reaches the green room where Nimrat was. Nimrat mocks Kulfi saying that she might be feeling jealous seeing her with Sikander together singing on the stage to which Kulfi overrules. Kulfi sees the ring and runs out with the rings and comes and hides behind the stage which was semi-transparent and Sikander along with everyone learns the truth about Nimrat. Sikander reaches to save Kulfi just when Nimrat was about to hit Kulfi and tells Nimrat that till the time Sikander is there nothing can hurt Kulfi. Kulfi tells Sikander that she wanted to bring the truth about Nimrat in front of Sikander and that whatever she did was to reveal the truth about Nimrat in front of Sikander.

Nimrat tries to reason out to Sikander when he stops Nimrat saying that he doesn’t want to hear anything and that whatever Kulfi says will be the final verdict and that Sikander will no more have any business to do with Nimrat. Sikander says Kulfi that she did not have to do anything more, Kulfi could have just come up to him and told the entire thing and that Sikander would have believed her. Lovely tells Amyrah that she has to make sure Kulfi is not in Sikander’s life anymore when Sikander performs with Kulfi which makes Amyrah and Lovely emotional.

Lovely takes out poison from her bag and she makes Amyrah drink that after which Amyrah faints in front of Sikander. Sikander and Kulfi get worried and Sikander asks for a doctor. Sikander along with Amyrah rushes to the doctor when Lovely tells Kulfi not to come along as it was a family issue. Kulfi comes running to see how Amyrah was when Sikander was seen with Amyrah telling the doctor to check what was wrong with the child. Amyrah gets an attack and her heart beat drops. Doctors ask what had happened before Amyrah fainted to which Lovely tells that Amyrah wasn’t okay and that she used to cry for hours because of Sikander’s and Loveleen’s separation.

Sikander requests the doctors to save Amyrah at all costs as Amyrah was his life. Lovely blames Sikander for everything and tells him that he can no more meet Amyrah as he couldn’t see when Amyrah was in pain because of him while he was busy running to find happiness. 


Always kulfi suffers and lovely and amyra play all dirty tricks when will kulfi be happy and tell skinder is her father

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