Kumkum Bhagya June 13, 2019 Written Update: Pragya comes to Abhi’s room

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we see how Abhi pacifies her relationship with Rhea and later, Rhea seeks an apology from Prachi. Elsewhere, Abhi catches cold and high fever and Pragya comes to see him on Rhea’s request.
Kumkum Bhagya June 13, 2019 Written Update: Pragya comes to Abhi’s roomKumkum Bhagya June 13, 2019 Written Update: Pragya comes to Abhi’s room
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In the last episode, Pragya advices Rhea not to head towards a path which would harm her and her close ones. Later, Rhea seek help from Pragya as her father aka Abhi had fallen ill. Rhea comes to Abhi’s room and gets emotional as he seeks apology from her. Opposite to Rhea’s expectation, Abhi tells Rhea how wrong he was, as he never asked her what made her take such extreme measures. Rhea tells Abhi that she had started feeling that he loved Prachi more than her and because she did not want to lose him, she put up an act to make him realize her importance. Abhi tells Rhea that she was his only source of happiness and his life and that if he pointed out her mistake related to somebody else, that did not mean he did not love her but that he did not want her to wrong anyone.

Rhea apologizes to Abhi and promises him to apologize to Prachi as well. She comes to Prachi’s room and finds Pragya inside. She tells her about the conversation with Abhi and that she wanted to apologize to Prachi. Just then Prachi comes and on Pragya’s lead, Rhea apologizes to Prachi. Knowing Rhea well after so many instances, Prachi behaves indifferent as she knew Rhea would continue doing wrong with her. Later, Abhi and Pragya comes to the lobby and in a glimpse thought that they both saw each other. There was load shedding in the resort which made them miss to meet each other. They think that because they missed each other so much, they were having a phobia of seeing each other. Abhi comes to the room where Vikram and Rhea see that he was having cold.

Rhea calls Pragya to seek advice as because of the extreme weather, the doctors could reach sooner. Vikram sees Rhea place her trust in Prachi’s mother while Rhea confesses that she wished Prachi’s mother was her mother. Vikram sees Rhea trust Prachi’s mother and gets happy. Vikram leaves to go to the doctor while Pragya enters the room and asks Rhea for a handkerchief.

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