Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala March 7, 2019 Written Update: Ammaji puts forth a condition

Today in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, we see how Amma Ji puts forth a condition to Kulfi if she wants to attend the Parents Day at her school. Meanwhile, Sikander learns about the reason behind Amyra's ill health condition.
Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala March 7, 2019 Written Update: Ammaji puts forth a conditionKullfi Kumarr Bajewala March 7, 2019 Written Update: Ammaji puts forth a condition
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In previous episode, we see how Sikander receives some alarming news about Amyra during his search for Kulfi. Later, Kulfi lands in trouble when Amma Ji takes a shocking decision to cancel family day for everyone. Loveleen dreams that she was telling everything to Sikander. Loveleen tells Sikander that she knows why Amyra was so ill and that she had given her something to drink because of which her health was bad. Loveleen tells Sikander that she didn’t know how could she have brought Sikander close to Amyra and forget Kulfi, and that was the only reason why she had to take that step. Loveleen also assures Sikander that she din’t know Amyra would fall so ill and shows him the poison which she had given to Amyra. Loveleen requests Sikander to go to the doctor and give him the poison so that he could find remedy for the illness. Sikander lashes out at Loveleen and asks her how could she do it to their child. Sikander blames Loveleen for Amyra’s health and throws Loveleen out. She breaks free from her day dreaming and decides that she couldn’t tell Sikander anything. Loveleen writes about the medicine that she had given to Amyra from an anonymous name and plans to give this letter to the doctor. The doctors get the letter and they show it to Sikander, afterwhich they learn that Amyra had been given dark ruby poison, and wonders who must be giving Amyra the poison. Sikander tells the doctor that he will catch hold of the person who gave this to Amyra and informed the inspector.

Here, Kulfi requests Ammaji to not cancel the family day for everyone as they all were very sad. Ammaji puts forth a condition and asks Kulfi whether or not she will do as Ammaji says. Kulfi leaves and while coming the room, thinks to herself whether or not she will be able to do as she tells. Kulfi sees everyone cry for their parents, and blames her for not being able to meet their family. Finally, Kulfi decides to agree to what Ammaji’s condition was for everyone’s happiness. Opposite to what Ammaji had thought, Kulfi comes and agrees for Ammaji’s condition, for the sake of the students. Ammaji gathers everyone in the hall and announces in front of everyone about what Kulfi had agreed to.

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