Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala May 15, 2019 Written Update: Loveleen suspects Sikander

Today in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, Kulfi implements a way to expose Sikander's lies while Loveleen's suspicion grows. Later, Amyra gets furious with Kulfi's constant questioning.
Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala May 15, 2019 Written Update: Loveleen suspects SikanderKullfi Kumarr Bajewala May 15, 2019 Written Update: Loveleen suspects Sikander
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In the previous episode, Kulfi gets a clue about Sikander's accident and investigates with her gang. Later, a drunk Sikander pushes a suspicious Kulfi away and pulls Loveleen closer. Kulfi comes home and makes Sikander meet her friends. Sikander pretends to be happy to see them and recognises them. He tells them that they had met him after a long time and that they had not seen them after the competition. Kulfi’s friends request Sikander to show them his music room and insist he plays an instrument for them. They give Sikander a que and he grabs an instrument, however, he plays off beat. Kulfi hears Sikander play off beat and thinks to self that Sikander could forget everything but he could not forget his music. Sikander asks Kulfi’s friends whether or not they liked what he played, however, he noticed their reactions.

Sikander pretends to get saddened at the thought of not being able to play any instrument and tells the kids that he had completely forgotten his music. He falls on the floor crying and makes her friends believe that the accident had taken his music away from him. Kulfi comes in the room and hugs him in order to console him for his loss, however, she gets baffled to have a strange feeling while hugging him. She lets Sikander loose and he leaves the room, pretending to be disappointed. Kulfi’s friends try to make her understand that the man was real Sikander Singh Gill and that she shouldn’t doubt her father while he was in acute pain. Kulfi remembers the feeling which she had while hugging him and tells everyone that she was convinced that the man was not her father.

Rocket, Zinda and the rest gets confused to hear Kulfi’s disclosures and tells her to give Sikander some time. Kulfi breaks down as she could not explain what she was feeling to anyone. Later, Sikander comes to Loveleen and tells her that he had gone to the market and found that his card was not working. Loveleen calls the bank’s helpline and finds out that the credit limit of Sikander’s card had exceeded. She asks Sikander about his cash transactions and asked him what did he use so much cash for. Sikander tells Loveleen that he had given the cash to Mohender as he needed it, however, Loveleen doubted on Sikander’s wisdom. Kulfi comes to Loveleen and asks her whether or not she also found Sikander behaving weird. Kulfi hesitates but tells Loveleen that she had caught Sikander drinking and that from the time Sikander had come home, she found him a changed man. While Sikander tried to gather information about himself from Amyra, Kulfi observes Sikander and his behaviour. Seeing Kulfi stand outside Amyra’s room, Sikander calls her inside and goes for some work. Kulfi initiates a conversation about Sikander with Amyra which angers her however, Kulfi tries to explain her dilemma. 

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