Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala May 17, 2019 Written Update: Kulfi meets Pakhi

Today in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, Rocket tells Sikander about Kulfi's suspicion while she meets Pakhi. Later, after returning her toy, Kulfi asks Pakhi about Bhola.
Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala May 17, 2019 Written Update: Kulfi meets PakhiKullfi Kumarr Bajewala May 17, 2019 Written Update: Kulfi meets Pakhi
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In the previous episode, Loveleen thinks twice before answering to Sikander's question. Later, Kulfi sets out on a mission along with her friends. Kulfi brainstorms and try to solve the puzzle by putting together the clues that she had got from the hospital. She wakes up and finds the toy missing from her room and gets panicked. Later, she finds her toy near the dustbin and gets enlightened to see it. Here, Sarawati tells Rocket and Zinda that Kulfi was behaving weird and that she had to trust Sikander. They all decide that they should not push Kulfi to chase an unrealistic goal and that they had to stop her. Rocket comes to Sikander and tells him about everything that Kulfi was up to. Rocket tells Sikander not to tell Kulfi that he had told him everything else she would lose faith on him.

Sikander learns about Kulfi’s doubts and gets worried. He calls Balwant and tells him to prepare for Kulfi’s recording as he wanted to keep her busy in work. He also tells him to make an announcement in the market that Kulfi was ready to start the work and get as much work for her as he could. Here, Kulfi manages to reach to the nargis park and looks for someone named Paakhi. A small boy takes Kulfi to Paakhi, who was busy playing with other children. Kulfi gets hooked to see the game which the children were playing. Kulfi comes to Paakhi and gives her the toy. She thanked Kulfi for bringing her favourite toy back, however, opposite to her nature, she gets angry on Kulfi for asking about Bhola. Kulfi leaves just then Sikander aka Bhola comes there, singing a song.

The story goes into a flashback when Sikander had met with an accident. In bruised condition, he had fallen down the ditch, where Kulfi had gone to look for him.

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