Kumkum Bhagya August 9, 2019 Written Update: Ranbir approaches Prachi; Pragya video calls Mr. Mehra

In the latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we see how all the past emotions surface over Disha and Purab’s face when they meet each other at the function. Later, Aryan and Shahana strike a conversation while Ranbir approaches Prachi. Elsewhere, while Abhi was getting impatient to meet Sarita Ben, Sarita Ben tells Pragya to video call Mr. Mehra.
Kumkum Bhagya August 9, 2019 Written Update: Ranbir approaches Prachi; Pragya video calls Mr. MehraKumkum Bhagya August 9, 2019 Written Update: Ranbir approaches Prachi; Pragya video calls Mr. Mehra
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In the last episode we see how Pragya tells Vikram that she would not be able to attend the party as Sarita Ben wasn’t keeping well. Later, when Abhi learns about Anuradha’s absence, he wanted to check on her. Purab tells Abhi that by the way Vikram had described Prachi’s mother, he feels as if he was describing Pragya. Just then, the CM arrives and Disha accompanies her, as she was officially working for the CM. Purab and Disha gazed at each other and while Disha feels saddened to having faced Purab, Purab gets emotional to see Disha at the party.

Daasi sees Disha and they both greet each other. Daasi introduces Disha to Vikram’s mother, Daljeet. Daljeet happen to mention that people should handle their marriage with care and that they should not keep on changing partners. Disha tells Daljeet that sometimes situations dominate relationships and that in spite of two people being in love, they cannot stay together. Purab hears their conversation and feels bad as Disha mentions that she had found her right path.

Later, Shahana gets upset, as she finds Aryan gawking at Rhea’s friend, Dimpi. Aryan looked at Dimpi and wondered how could someone be so revengeful, as they had misbehaved with Shahana. Aryan follows Shahana and pacifies her. He tells Shahana that if ever she finds him gazing at some other girl, she should come and confront him. Aryan tells Shahana that they were friends now and that she should immediately come to him, if she was having any sorts of misunderstanding rather than being upset with him. Aryan also tells her that Dimpi wasn’t his type and that while he was looking at her, he was thinking about something else.

Meanwhile, Rhea convinces Ranbir to make Prachi fall for him and to try and talk to her. Ranbir comes to Prachi and like always, they both get involved in an argument. Seeing them fight, Rhea takes Ranbir aside while Prachi leaves Ranbir behind.

Abhi tells Vikram that he would quickly see how Sarita Ben was and will come back at the party. Vikram tells Abhi that since CM was in the party, he had a moral responsibility to stay and attend her. Later, he praises Prachi’s mother to Pallavi, who feels jealous, seeing her husband praise other woman.

Elsewhere, Sarita Ben gets upset with Pragya, as she had missed the party for her. Sarita Ben tells Pragya that although she was upset that she had let the catering order go, Pragya reminded of her daughter, Anuradha. Sarita Ben tells Pragya to video call Mr. Mehra, as she thinks he must be worried for her health.   

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