Kumkum Bhagya February 12, 2019 Written Update: Pragya tells the truth to King

Today in Kumkum Bhagya, we see how Pragya explains King and tells him the truth behind Abhi and Pragya’s relationship.
Kumkum Bhagya February 12, 2019 Written Update: Pragya tells the truth to KingKumkum Bhagya February 12, 2019 Written Update: Pragya tells the truth to King
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In previous episode we see how Pragya and Abhi confesses their love for each other and how King gets angry learning that Pragya wants to marry Abhi while King had fallen in love with Pragya and wanted to marry her. King feels angry on the fact that Pragya had given him false hopes when she did not intend to marry King. Tanu sits in her room shocked when Alia asks her whether or not Tanu was okay. Alia assures Tanu that she doesn’t have to worry about anything as Pragya went to tell the truth to King, and that King will not accept her plead and trap her with him. Here, Purab and Disha gets happy to see the entire decoration where Abhi and Pragya will marry each other and be together forever.

Here, Abhi goes to talk to Tanu and explain her the facts about Abhi and Pragya while Praya reaches at King’s home to talk to him. Pragya enters and sees that King has packed her clothes and tells her to leave from his life. Pragya tries to explain that she tried to tell him the truth a lot of times when King was not ready to listen. King starts to throw everything around which shocks Pragya and shouts at Pragya saying that King had done so much for her and in return Pragya had given him an irreparable pain. King also showed Pragya the necklace he got for Pragya and that he was about to propose Pragya. King threatens Pragya that he will not let Pragya go out from there at any cost. King tries to force Pragya to come with him to London when Disha calls King to inquire about Pragya and he realises that everything was just his imagination and that Pragya had just come in to meet him.

King realises that he was just imagining the whole thing and hands over the phone to Pragya. While Pragya was speaking to Disha, King thinks to himself that if he confesses his love for Pragya, she will start hating him and decides to keep his feeling to himself. Pragya informs King that she had to return to the venue before the auspicious time pandit ji gave for marriage. King re confirms whether Pragya had to reach for Tarun and Neha’s wedding, that’s when Pragya informs King that it was hers and Abhi’s wedding too. Pragya tells the entire truth to King when he tells Pragya that she should move on like Abhi and Tanu had, when Pragya informs King that they both has no relationship and that it is all an act. Pragya also tells King that love cannot be one-sided as it is only one’s wish to get the other one and that may be Pragya and Abhi both wished to be together one day.

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