Kumkum Bhagya February 6, 2019 Update: Pragya and Abhi is in danger

Pragya and Abhi are being chased by goons who is trying to kill them and how they barely manage to escape
Kumkum Bhagya February 6, 2019 Update: Pragya and Abhi is in dangerKumkum Bhagya February 6, 2019 Update: Pragya and Abhi is in danger
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We’ve seen in previous episodes how Tanu tells Pragya the truth about Abhi and his plan to marry Praya in which Disha was involved too on which she gets angry. Pragya leaves the marriage in today’s episode. Tarun’s mom is seen arguing with him telling her to break the marriage as their marriage will be the reason for Abhi and Pragya to meet time and again. Tarun hits his mom on her head as she wanted to tell everything to King and that he will break Tarun’s marriage with Neha. Tarun says he will not be separated from Neha in any condition and he will do whatever it takes.Pragya gets a call from Kiara and she wanted Pragya to buy her a new tie from the mall to which Pragya agrees. Praya gets a call from King who wanted to meet Praya as he had some good news for her, while Pragya also thinks that even she wanted to meet King and tell him something.

Everyone on the other hand, forces Abhi ti get Pragya back and that whatever her issues were, the entire family will together solve it and give a solution. Abhi leave the marriage to get Pragya. Pragya goes in a flashback when Abhi had confessed his love for her and Tanu telling her that she was being taken for granted. Praya’s car, on her way to the mall is seen been shot by some guy from the other car on the road. Tanu panicks and tries to attempt suicide when Alia comes in just in time to save her. Alia tries to explain Tanu that she doesn’t have to die if she really loves Abhi and also tells Tanu that she deserves to be loved. Tanu says Alia that if she couldn’t win Abhi from Pragya, Alia should kill her and that she doesn’t want to stay alive.



Abhi follows Pragya when Pragya is been stopped by a police man and he informs Pragya that few terrorists have escaped from the jail and not to stay out for long. The group of terrorists goes inside the same mall where Pragya went to change and hide in the mall.


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