Kumkum Bhagya February 7,2019 Update: Abhi and Pragya in trouble

In today’s episode Abhi saves Pragya from the goons and clears all misunderstanding in between.
Zee TV,Serial updates,kum kum bhagya,kum kum bhagya updateKumkum Bhagya February 7,2019 Update: Abhi and Pragya in trouble
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In the previous episode, we have seen how Praya gets stuck in the mall where few of the escaped terrorists attack. Media surrounds the police and tries to clear the space outside the mall to get the civilians out safely. Here, King reaches home and thinks about why chachi was panicking so much and that everything between Pragya and himself was fine, just when he recollects Pragya informing him that she is going to the same mall to get something for Kiara.

On the other hand, Abhi reaches the mall and tries to surpass the police and goes inside from the other entrance inside the mall. The terrorists shoot one woman who was requesting the terrorists to let her go for her kids, as she was making too much noise according to them. While the entire episode was happening, Pragya tried to escape the eyes of the terrorists just when one of them gets hold of her. As one of the goons tried to shoot Pragya, Abhi enters and saves Pragya from their captivity. Pragya asks Abhi why had he come in spite of the danger to which Abhi replies that he had come to talk to Pragya as she had disconnected his call.

While Abhi and Pragya were talking, Abhi’s fan pops out from where she had hidden and that made Pragya confess her love for Abhi. Abhi tells Pragya that he had not planned to cheat her by getting her drunk and that he agrees that Purab and Disha wanted them to get married but not like that. Abhi also told Pragya that he knew that she and King weren’t married and that he had kept this information hidden from Pragya as he knew that if she comes to know that Abhi had known this fact before she would start to avoid Abhi and that he did not want to happen.

Abhi scolded Pragya that if she would have told him before that Kiara was his daughter, they would be living happily under one roof already. Pragya recollected Tanu telling her that Abhi did not want to marry her for her sake but he is feeling bounded for Kiara’s sake. Abhi confesses his love and tells Pragya that she is his life and that he cannot live without her. Abhi informs Pragya that he and Tanu were staying in separate rooms just like Pragya and King was and that he doesn’t love Tanu.

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