Kumkum Bhagya February 8, 2019 Update: Pragya confesses her love for Abhi

Today in Kumkum Bhagya Pragya confesses her love for Abhi while still trapped in terrorists’ captivity.
Zee TV,Serial updates,kum kum bhagya,kum kum bhagya updateKumkum Bhagya February 8, 2019 Update: Pragya confesses her love for Abhi
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Abhi tells Pragya what she means to him and that if she doesn’t listen to him he will go and die. Pragya stops him and requests Abhi to marry her and that she no more wants to stay away from him anymore, when Abhi hugs Pragya and recollects his old time with her. Meanwhile, Abhi tries to get Pragya out, she insists on getting married right then. An old lady overhears them and tells them to consider her to be the witness and take the seven phearas around her and that she will play the mantras on the phone.

On the other hand, Chachi tries to tell King the truth behind Abhi and Pragya’s relationship which he overrules. Alia and Tanu also joins Chachi and backs Chachi in confirming that Pragya loves Abhi and that Pragya will marry Abhi and not King. Alia informs King that Kiara is Abhi’s daughter and that not only Pragya but also Kiara will leave King alone. King apologises to Chachi but to Tanu and Alia’s surprise King leaves from there feeling happy about Pragya finding her right one.

P.R. Yadav inspector threatens the terrorists and tells them to surrender. He informs the army that they might have to attack soon. Here, King overhears Pragya telling Dadi and everyone on speaker that Abhi and she were together and that they will come back home soon and get married. The goons catch hold of Abhi and Pragya as one of them hears Abhi talking on phone. Pragya confesses her love as one of the terrorist pulls a gun on Abhi’s head to which he jokingly says that Pragya chose a weird time to confess. The terrorists gets annoyed and tries to hurt Pragya just when Abhi tries to save Pragya from their hold.

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